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About This Platform

About This Platform:  Follows the Sony Playstation (also known as Playstation 1, or PSOne, or PS1).  The Sony Playstation 2 was a huge success.  The highest-selling console to date, its sales reached over 136 million units by December, 2008.  Development plans for the console were publicly announced in March of 1999.  One year later, the PS2 was released in Japan.  Due to manufacturing delays, the PS2 was scarce in America at the end of 2000; only a few million people owned one.  2001 is when the Playstation 2 really hit its stride.  By the holiday season of that year, it became the king of the consoles, beating out competitors Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

    The Playstation 2 is unique in another way.  This is probably the first time in video game history that a console was not put to rest by its manufacturer when a new console came out.  The Playstation 3 was introduced in 2006.  As of 2009, the Playstation 2 is still being manufactured and its games are still being sold in stores.  Playstation 3, in many ways, has been called a failure.  The PS3 unit was very expensive when it first came out, and is still very pricy in 2009.  The early releases of the console are also noted for being of poor quality.  PS3 has a lot of additional features, but has been found to be incompatible.  Initial negative press was pretty strong against the PS3.  Price reductions, several well-received games, and some revisions to the system have helped keep it on the market, but the PS2 is still around and thought of more fondly.

    As it is now, the PS3 has taken a backseat in popularity and advertising to more accessible consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.  The Playstation 2, however, will probably be thought of as the most innovative console of all-time due to its incredible technological contributions to video gaming.  The PS1 was excellent, but the PS2 is a notable jump in progress.  On top of all that, the PS2 has put out some outstanding games that will probably never be equaled in style or originality.

Sony Playstation 2 Games

007: Everything or Nothing
Art of Fighting Anthology

Atari Anthology
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
The Simpsons Game
Taito Legends 2
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Woody Woodpecker: Escape From Buzz Buzzard Park



007: Everything or Nothing-  Year: 2004.  Publisher: EA Games.  Rated: T.  About:  This video game is an incredible concept for the James Bond franchise!  It's a Pierce Brosnan-era Bond game, but is not based on any film.  It is an original story.  This is actually the sixth original Bond video game, but with a twist.  This is the first time in any Bond video game that actors from the movies were actually hired to do the voices and be the models for their video game counterparts.  The game stars Pierce Brosnan and other Bond regulars (Judi Dench, John Cleese) with an all-star cast including Willem Dafoe, Heidi Klum, and Richard Kiel ("Jaws" from the Roger Moore-era Bond films) among others.  It is Brosnan's final appearance as Bond in either film or game.

    You start the game with a little mission; just follow the onscreen instructions told to you by M.  Then the game cuts into a Bond movie-style introduction.  The next mission is MI-6 training, which is actually just a practice level that tells you how to operate some of the basic functions in this game.  From then on, you're doing Bond-style assignments.

    I really enjoy this game.  Brosnan made a good Bond, and I'm glad they realized him in an original Bond video game.  The character kind of looks like Pierce Brosnan, but not a dead-on likeness.  I can't even complain.  This game was so well-done, and the designers really did put in their best.

    My only real gripe is that you have to use every single button and both joysticks on the controller to do the things Bond needs to do in the game, and every button has more than one function depending on the situation.  After a while you can get the hang of it, but there is almost too much to do.

    The console version of this game did very well and was received pretty well by critics.  The Game Boy Advance version of this game sold somewhat well, but was not as well-received by players or critics due to the limitations of hand-held games.  It's hard to put a big game like this on a small device.  I've always felt hand-held consoles were better for games of more simple designs.

    This game was basically designed with the same engine used for another original Bond video game, "007: Agent Under Fire" (2001) which was released on PS2, GameCube, and Xbox.  That game was based on a modified engine for the game, "Quake III Arena" (1999).  "007: Everything or Nothing" (2004) did better than "007: Agent Under Fire" (2001), and has since become widely regarded as one of the all-time best James Bond video games.  I like this game better than "007: Agent Under Fire" as well, although that isn't a bad game.  This game just has something a bit extra.  It's stylish and fun to look at, and really pulls you into the world of James Bond.

Atari Anthology
-  Year: 2004.
  Publisher: Atari Interactive.  Rated: E.  About:  For retro Atari fans only!  This is a collection of 86 classic Atari games from the arcade and Atari 2600 console era.  These aren't bad games, and they're all kid-friendly, but they're so limited.  As far as video games are concerned, I've always felt that the medium didn't start getting good until the late 1980s.  All of these games come from the late 1970s to mid 1980s.  The games are all made up of crude little blocky shapes with flat colors and blips that, I guess, are supposed to mean something.  And there's no end to them!  They go on forever!  I prefer games that you can finish.  These games are cute in a way, but I'd be lying if I said they're comparable to today's games.

    The coolest thing about this disc is the presentation.  The menus are nice, all with a constellation theme.  If you're a video game historian, you'll really get a kick out of this set.  There are 18 classic arcade games, and 68 Atari 2600 games. 
This game set was designed by Atari Interactive in 2004 and released on the platforms Xbox and Playstation 2.  An earlier version of this game collection was released for PC (Microsoft Windows) in 2003 and called, "Atari- 80 Classic Games in One!".

   The Windows version of this set has a slightly different collection of games than the Xbox/PS2 versions.  The Xbox and PS2 are practically identical.  But Windows has the following games that the consoles do not: A Game of Concentration, BASIC Programming, Codebreaker.  The following games were exclusive to the Xbox/PS2 versions: Atari Video Cube, Backgammon, Hangman.

    This is a well-respected game set that presents a pretty good history of early Atari. 
Here is the list of games:

Arcade Games:
  1. Asteroids
  2. Asteroids Deluxe
  3. Atari Black Widow
  4. Atari Red Baron
  5. Atari Space Duel
  6. Battlezone
  7. Centipede
  8. Crystal Castles
  9. Gravitar
  10. Liberator
  11. Lunar Lander
  12. Major Havoc
  13. Millipede
  14. Missile Command
  15. Pong
  16. Super Breakout
  17. Tempest
  18. Warlords

Atari 2600 Games:
  1. Atari 3D Tic Tac Toe
  2. Atari Adventure
  3. Atari Air-Sea Battle
  4. Atari Combat
  5. Atari Dodge 'Em
  6. Atari Flag Capture
  7. Atari Home Run
  8. Atari Math Gran Prix
  9. Atari Maze Craze
  10. Atari Night Driver
  11. Atari Outlaw
  12. Atari Red Baron
  13. Atari Slot Racers
  14. Atari Space War
  15. Atari Star Ship
  16. Atari Street Racer
  17. Atari Submarine Commander
  18. Atari Super Baseball
  19. Atari Super Football
  20. Atari Surround
  21. Atari Video Cube
  22. Asteroids
  23. Backgammon
  24. Battlezone
  25. Blackjack
  26. Bowling
  27. Breakout
  28. Canyon Bomber
  29. Casino
  30. Centipede
  31. Circus Atari
  32. Crystal Castles
  33. Demons to Diamonds
  34. Desert Falcon
  35. Double Dunk
  36. Football
  37. Fun With Numbers
  38. Golf
  39. Gravitar
  40. Hangman
  41. Haunted House
  42. Human Cannonball
  43. Millipede
  44. Miniature Golf
  45. Missile Command
  46. Off the Wall
  47. Quadrun
  48. Radar Lock
  49. Realsports Baseball
  50. Realsports Football
  51. Realsports Tennis
  52. Realsports Volleyball
  53. Sky Diver
  54. Slot Machine
  55. Sprint Master
  56. Star Raiders
  57. Steeplechase
  58. Stellar Track
  59. Super Breakout
  60. Swordquest: Earthworld
  61. Swordquest: Fireworld
  62. Swordquest: Waterworld
  63. Video Checkers
  64. Video Chess
  65. Video Olympics
  66. Video Pinball
  67. Warlords
  68. Yars' Revenge

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder-  Year: 2004.  Publisher: THQ.  Rated: E.  About:  I'm not a Power Rangers fan, but this series translated very well into a video game.  I love this game!  It is based on the TV series "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder" from 2004.  As is the usual custom for Power Rangers, the name of the TV series changes almost every season.  "Dino Thunder" is another one of those that lasted just one season.  In this outing of the Power Rangers, all of our heroes pilot giant, dinosaur robots.  There are only four Rangers this time around.  Black Ranger is the leader.  Red, Blue, and Yellow (the only girl) make up the rest of the team.

    All of the action in this game involves the Rangers in their dinosaur robots, called the Dinozords.  There is NO instance of Power Rangers fighting outside of their robots.  The premise of the game is cool.  You can be the dinosaur robot of your choice, and wander around the area wiping out large enemies.  It reminds me of a Godzilla movie!  You can stomp around, fly around, whatever.  The environments are pretty detailed and the overall quality of the animation is pretty good.  Since we're dealing with robots, the designers can get away with that rather geometric look.  It's a simple enough game to follow, as the Black Ranger periodically tells you what you need to do.  You don't even need an instruction book to play this game.  Just pop in the disc and learn along the way.

    I like the idea of being a giant dinosaur robot, and I know little kids would, too.  This is a kid-friendly game that will still find an audience with fun-loving adults.  The only "violence" in this game is limited to explosions.  Absolutely no gore.  It's fun for everyone!

    As the TV series of "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder" lasted only one season, it didn't have a long life in video games.  The Game Boy Advance version of "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder" was a side-scrolling game.  It was a different game from the version that was released on Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo GameCube.

The Simpsons Game
-  Year: 2007.  Publisher: Electronic Arts.  Rated: T.  About:  "The Simpsons" show stopped being funny around 1994, so I was a bit reluctant to get this game.  I was very surprised to discover the absolutely beautiful quality of the game.  The animation is better than the TV series!  I also enjoy the fact that they take elements of the entire run of the show for us "wayback" fans.  For instance, Homer's chocolate-land fantasy and Bartman make appearances early in the game.  This game is awesome, even for people who aren't Simpsons fans!  It's just one big, colorful 3-D adventure game with a 2-D look.  My only complaint is that the rotating camera function doesn't work quite right.  You can be Bart, Homer, Lisa, or Marge (with Maggie) depending on the selected mission.

    This is NOT the first-ever video game based on the Simpsons.  Simpsons video games go way back to Nintendo NES days.  However, this just may be the best Simpsons game ever-made, and it was made to re-launch the Simpsons video game franchise.  "The Simpsons Game" was released simultaneously on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii on October 30, 2007 in North America.  A Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS version was released later on November 6, 2007.  The game was a big commercial success and has received mostly positive reviews from critics.

    All six released versions of the game are nearly identical, with a few exceptions.  The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles have graphics superior to that of the Nintendo Wii, so the Wii version's graphics are not as good of quality.  In some versions (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS), there are extra challenges after each mission; a certain task you have to complete in a time trial.  In addition, the DS version has several features not available in ANY of the other versions, including several unlockable mini-games, mostly updates of arcade classics.

    A large part of the criticism directed towards this game comes from the lackluster camera function and the fact that it's a short game.  Short games don't bother me, but I must agree that the rotating camera function should have been done better.  Besides that, I enjoyed this game and it's a wonderful item of Simpsons memorabilia for anyone that has ever been a fan at any time.

Taito Legends 2
-  Year: 2006.  Publisher: Empire Interactive.  Rated: T.  About:  This is quite a set!  A recommended purchase.  39 arcade-style games designed by Taito, not including the extra, unlockable games!  I have always felt that Taito was one of the greatest game developers of the 1980s and 90s.  This set confirms it.  Games span 1979-1997.

Arabian Magic
What a beautiful, fun game!  The graphics and backgrounds are incredible.  This was released in 1992, and by this time graphics were starting to get pretty darn excellent.  This game is basically "Streets of Rage" meets the Arabian Nights.  There are four characters for you to choose from:  Rassid, Princess Lisa [the hot chick], Sinbad, and Aeshaal [the fat guy with the mace].  I like the fact that they made the legendary Sinbad a playable character.  Sinbad is well-visualized, but my favorite character to play is Aeshaal.  Princess Lisa comes in second.

Balloon Bomber
This is a very simplistic game like something the early Activision designer would have released.  It's just another one of those "shoot-something-at-the-top-of-the-screen" games that have been done to death.  Graphics are pretty crude and uneventful.  This game is not so entertaining.  It DID come out in 1980, after all.  That was so early on in video game history that you can't really expect much.  Good video games, from any source, didn't start coming out until the mid-1980s at best.

The theme of this game is that you have to shoot balloon bombs that fall out of biplanes.

Bonze Adventure

Not a bad game, but I'd enjoy it more if the graphics weren't so childish and goofy.  In this game, your character is a monk traveling through the seven Hells to get rid of the evil spirit from King Emma-O.  Your weapon is a rosary!  Like I said, with more realized graphics, this could be a really neat game.

Bust-A-Move Again [aka Puzzle Bobble 2]
Sequel to "Bust-A-Move", released in 1995.  It's pretty similar to its predecessor, but a bit better done with slicker graphics.  I love this!  I still think the "Bust-A-Move" games are the best of the "bubble pop" games.

Cleopatra Fortune
This is a neat, Egyptian-themed version of "Tetris".  I still like "Tetris" better, but this game is prettier.

One of Taito's great strengths is the ability to take a game idea that's been done and redesign it to make it more attractive.  Most of the time, I'd rather play the Taito clone of any game than the original!  In this case, I like the original "Tetris" better because gameplay is a bit more simple.  Both games are challenging, but "Cleopatra Fortune" throws too many curves too fast between the coffins and gems and blocks.  It's still a fun game, however, and worth investigating.

Darius Gaiden
Awesome!  Most side-scrolling, spaceship shooter games are just ripoffs of "Defender"; this game is way above and beyond.  It hardly feels like "Defender" at all.  The graphics and animation are remarkable.  There is just so much to this game.  Your spaceship fights other spaceships that look like sea creatures and other things.  You also have to travel through narrow tunnels and blow up other objects that get in your way.  Your spaceship can connect with the mid-level boss ship of any stage to take out the bad guys.

This is the third game in the "Darius" arcade series.

Don Doko Don
I love this game!  It has a very "Mario Bros." feel, but it's an entirely different game in the way it's set up and the way it plays.  I do think that fans of "Mario Bros." will like this game.  Your little cartoon guy(s) is a dwarf with a big, goofy hammer to smash the enemies.  After you squash the bad guys, you have to fling them with the hammer.  Collect the objects they leave behind for points, power-ups and other things.  Once you get rid of all the bad guys on the screen, you're teleported to another screen.  This game is more challenging than you'd expect.  It's bright, colorful, and fun.

Incidentally, a sequel for this game was made for the NES called "Don Doko Don 2".  Unlike the first, it is a side-scrolling platformer game.  Pirated versions of this sequel have attempted to capture the Mario fanbase with names like "Mario 8" and "Super Bros. 8".

Dungeon Magic
A typical, fantasy-themed action game in the way of "Golden Axe".  I really like this one.  You can choose from four different characters.  Your mission is to save the princess from the evil wizard.

Elevator Action II
Awesome.  This 1994 sequel is far superior in every possible way to the 1983 arcade classic.  Smooth graphics, beautiful animation, more elaborate gameplay, voiceovers...this one has the works.  Unlike the first game, this one actually has a final level so you can win.  You can also choose from three different playable characters; each one with his/her advantages and disadvantages.  I just love this game.  I never cared for the crude original game.  In the first game, you were a spy that fought other spies and you needed to collect "secret spy files" from behind the red doors.  In this game, you are a member of an anti-terrorist league and must diffuse bombs from behind the red doors.  Just like the first game, you basically shoot and jump.  In this game, however, you can use a special bomb by pressing both buttons at the same time.  In addition, depending on the icons you pick up, you can temporarily use other weapons like rocket launchers and machine guns.  This game is also known as "Elevator Action Returns" in Japan.

This game is best known as an arcade game.  It was later released on Sega Saturn in 1995 with the original game on the disc, "Elevator Action2: Returns".  I'm surprised this game hasn't received more releases and more attention from the public.

I like "Growl".  It's like "Streets of Rage" with a different theme.  Instead of fighting street punks in the inner-city, you're fighting an army of poachers in the early 1900s to protect wild animals.  In many ways, I like the premise of this game better than "Streets of Rage".

Hat Trick Hero [aka Football Champ]
This is a soccer game from 1990.  I suppose it's okay if you're into soccer video games.  I'm not.

Insector X
This is a fun little side-scrolling shooter game, but tough!  You're a cute little cartoon bug guy.  You have to shoot the bad little cartoon bug enemies with what I guess you'd call "power pellets" until they flash off the screen.  When you shoot a type of bug referred to as Hawk Moth, you can collect certain power-ups.

Beautiful backgrounds.  Graphics are well done, but cute and simple.  Nothing overly complicated.  This is fun.  To me, almost every shooter game is a ripoff of "Defender".  I like this because this is one of the few shooter games that doesn't involve spaceships.  "Insector X" is a lot more colorful and prettier to look at.

This 1989 arcade game was later released on NES and Sega Genesis before it's release onto this set (which has also been made available for Xbox and PC).  The Sega Genesis version tweaked the game a bit.  The characters were made much more serious-looking, and the music was completely changed.

Kuri Kinton
"Double Dragon" this isn't.  Still, it does have a certain charm.  You are a super kung-fu fighter who must penetrate the enemy's headquarters to rescue the Chris family.  You can only jump or kick; doesn't seem much like a "super kung-fu fighter" to me.  Gameplay is very limited.  You can't pick up or use anything.  Simply walk through a building and beat up bad guys until you get to the end.  I do like the idea of going through a massive building, kicking a**.  The graphics are decent, and the bosses are even interesting and somewhat challenging.  It's not a terrible action game, but there have been better.

The Legend of Kage
This original arcade version (from 1985, can you believe it?) looks better than the NES version most of us know.  It plays about the same, but this version is slicker.  You're a ninja that must save the princess using a sword, an endless supply of throwing stars, and jumping skills that would make wire-fighters envious.

Liquid Kids
Very bright, colorful, and cheery.  Your character is a little cartoon guy, armed with magical water balloons, that must soak out the bad little cartoon guys in order to reach your companion on the other side.  It's fun.  I really don't have any ideas for improvements.  It is, however, tougher than you would think.

Metal Black
This is a good game.  One of the better-looking "spaceship shooter" games.  I normally don't find "spaceship shooter" games very interesting.  Pretty much all of them have been ripoffs of "Defender", and I don't think "Defender" is great.  "Metal Black" is better, and although the setup is the same, it looks and plays a lot different than "Defender" and its clones.  Stunning graphics!

Nastar Warrior
This is a sequel to "Rastan".  It is very much like Conan the Barbarian.  You're a musclebound warrior dude, fighting magical monsters.  You can use three different weapons, but you have to pick them up as icons after you kill the villains.  Available weapons are: short sword and shield, long sword, and razor mitts.  Different power-ups along the way give you more of a punch (like fire-throwing, etc.).  The graphics are pretty decent.  It's a fun game.  Only a couple of things that hamper the playing experience.  First, Nastar's mobility isn't great.  He really doesn't have that much in the way of fighting moves.  Second, the character is so bulky that certain jumps throughout the game are next to impossible.  These things should have been worked out better before commercial release, but it's still worth a casual playing.

Puchi Carat
This is actually just a much prettier version of the classic arcade game, "Breakout" (1976) which was developed by Atari and became the generic term for all "block busting" games of this sort.  "Puchi Carat" was released as an arcade game in 1997.  Instead of solid colored blocks, you break up pretty jewels.  One plus that this game has over most "Breakout" kinds of games is that you do not lose a life if you miss the ball.  Instead, lines are added to the rows of gems.  The game is only over when the jewels cross your safety line.  I like this change.  It allows for longer gameplay, and makes the game more enticing to keep playing.

There is some kind of BS story they put behind this game involving fantasy and spaceships.  All you need to know is that you have a ball and paddle and you're supposed to break up blocks of gems.  That's it.  Very fun and addictive.  Well designed and very stylish.

This 1988 arcade game is really a hybrid between "Pac-Man" and "Rally X"; both of which were NAMCO creations.  In your futuristic car you must collect all the dots in every maze and avoid the cars that simply want to crash into you.  This game is very fast and tough.  Those qualities don't bother me too much, but the design of the game is just a bit too plain for my taste.  This is all you do in the game, and I can get bored with it after 15 minutes.

Space Invaders '95
This is a sequel to the popular "Space Invaders" with cute characters.  I like this game better than the original "Space Invaders".  The cute characters are a plus, but I really like the idea that this game has distinct levels and bosses.  It isn't the same screen over and over.  The only real disadvantage to this game is that it's sometimes too busy...too much to look at.  Overall, this game is recommended.  Fun, fun, fun!

You pilot a mechanical dragon and destroy enemies in an ever-changing sci-fi dungeon maze!

That's what I love about video games of the 80s and 90s; there were so many more ideas.  Today, for all the wonderful technology that has come out, general ideas for video games are pretty stale.  Video games are either based on other media or follow very generic themes like shooting/cutting bad guys, racing, and what-not.  "Syvalion" is a way-out concept that's just really fun to look at and play.  I can't think of any other game like this one.  As expected from Taito, the graphics are awesome.  The action is pretty busy and it can get pretty tough.  At the end of every stage you take on a large boss.

Violence Fight
This is a good one, but a bit crude compared to other fighting games of the era.  "Street Fighter" this isn't.  There's only four characters to choose from, and just the simple functions of punch, jump, and kick with little in the way of fight combinations.  One advantage this game does have over a lot of fighters is that the characters appear very large and clear on screen.  This really helps to get into a character.  According to the story, "Violence Fight" is the name of a secret street-fighting competition held in 1950s America.

Wild Western
I just don't like this game.  The graphics are crude, and the overhead game play is weird.  I just can't get into it.
  It could be a great game.  The idea is that you're a Sheriff in the Old West, trying to keep bandits from taking over a train.

Ty the Tasmanian TigerYear: 2002.  Publisher: EA Games.  Rated: E.  About:  This is a charming 3-D adventure game in the style of Crash Bandicoot.  This game, in its entirety, is beautifully animated.  The characters are all pretty cute and harmless.  You'll find it hard to put this game down.  The design is so colorful and engaging that it pulls you in.  I also find the Australian voices of the characters amusing.  Best of all, this game isn't lame.  There is plenty of action and things to do.  I don't think any kid will find this boring.  I'm an adult, and I love it!

    Unlike some of the critical reviews, I don't think this game is easy or short.  In fact, I think there might be a bit too much to do.  All of these objects are hidden around the game, and some of them can be extremely hard to find.  Also, you're put in a number of situations (bosses, for instance) where you are given no clues as how to proceed.  A lot of this is trial and error, and you definitely have to visit a level more than once to complete it.

    Krome Studios designed this first game in the Ty series, which saw release on three platforms in 2002: Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.  In 2004, a second Ty game called "Bush Rescue" was released on all three mentioned platforms, PLUS the Game Boy Advance.  In this year, DPS Film Roman and Krome Studios said they were planning an animated cartoon series based on the game, but it never materialized.  In May of 2005, Activision and Krome Studios signed a co-publishing agreement for the third game in the series, called "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan".  It was released that October.  Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a wonderful video game character, but for some reason he hasn't quite reached the popularity he deserves.  It might be because of his similarity to the Crash Bandicoot character that came first and was already very well-established.  Another reason might be the fact that in the 2000 decade, the masses' taste in games leaned toward the dark, scary stuff like the horror/sci-fi epics of "Resident Evil", "Doom", and "Halo".

    I hope Ty is a character that stays around for a long time.  He's as clever as Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other contemporaries.

Key Supporting Characters in "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger"

Maurie, the smart-aleck, elderly cockatoo
(Maurie seems to be Ty's best friend and a true sidekick, despite the fact he is not a playable character.)
Julius, the genius inventor koala
Shazza, the sexy girl dingo (check out those short-shorts!)
(Shazza seems to be Ty's potential love interest.  I love it when she calls him, "possum".)
Ranger Ken, the brawny tasmanian devil
Rex and Elle, the platypus couple
Dennis the Green Tree Frog, a pretentious sissy
Sheila, the mother koala and her eight koala babies, including trouble-maker Boonie
Boss Cass, a cassowary and the major villain of the game
Frill Lizards, punks that work for Boss Cass
Blue-Tongue Lizards, other punks that work for Boss Cass
Sly the Tasmanian Tiger, Ty's evil look-alike
Bilbies, the animals that adopted Ty and must now be rescued

Woody Woodpecker: Escape From Buzz Buzzard Park
Year: 2001.  Publisher: Dreamcatcher Interactive.  Rated: E.  About:  I love Woody Woodpecker!  Woody must save his niece and nephew, Splinter and Knothead, from his lifelong foe Buzz Buzzard at his evil amusement park!  It's the typical obstacle course adventure game, ala Crash Bandicoot, and it's fun!  Anyone who loves the character of Woody Woodpecker will get a kick out of looking at this game.

    The 3-D animation of this game is acceptable, but a bit crude compared to most Playstation 2 games.  As a matter of fact, this game reminds me very much of early Playstation 1 3-D animation.  It's not bad, but I'd like to see a smoother Woody Woodpecker game.  I'm also a bit put off by the fact that garbled mutterings pass for dialogue.  That would be okay if the characters voices weren't so clearly established for decades.  I'd like to hear Woody and Buzz really speak.  It's still cute, though.

    My only true complaint: Where's Wally Walrus?!  Wally Walrus is a funny fat frump of a character and could have been used as an ally or foil (he worked both ways in Woody Woodpecker media).  I miss Wally.  Other than that, this is a fun game that really captures the spirit of Woody Woodpecker, while bringing his adventures up-to-date.

    This game was released on the platforms Game Boy Color and Playstation 2.  It was also released as a PC (personal computer) game.  A number of Woody Woodpecker games were developed in the 2000s, none of them really being part of a series.  Each game has been treated separately.  This game has been said by many reviewers to look "rushed", as the animation is a bit crude, the dialogue is practically nonexistent, the camera angles often make it hard to maneuver, and the sound effects are repetitive.  It most likely was a rushed effort, but it's still fun and I'm glad someone wanted to finally put Woody Woodpecker in a video game.  I'd like to see Woody Woodpecker become as much of a video game phenomenon as he was in cartoons and comics.  Due to the mixed reviews from gameplayers, this particular game was not a colossal hit.  It is, however, interesting for us Woody Woodpecker fans and worth a look.