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Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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About This Platform

About This Platform



"Light & Magnifier", by Mad Catz.  Made in 2001.  Since I got this clever device, I never play my Game Boy Advance without it.  Why would I?  Simply clip it onto your Game Boy Advance.  Lower the magnifying glass over the screen and lift up the light.  The light has an on/off switch and is optional; you don't need to turn it on if you don't like.  Takes only two AAA batteries.

    I guarantee that you'll see your game screen much more clearly.  The only problem I've ever had with Game Boy Advance was the fact that the screen just wasn't big enough, and I have pretty good eyesight.  With the Light & Magnifier, you'll never have that problem, again.  This device is ONLY for the Game Boy Advance.  Recommended.