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Sheena:  Queen of the Jungle
(1955-1956 TV Series)

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Sheena:  Queen of the Jungle (1955-1956):  I thoroughly enjoy this TV series!  There are so many good things about it, but perhaps nothing better than Sheena herself, Irish McCalla.  I've had this section in "Super-Powered!" long before I had ever seen episodes of the show, just for the sake of Irish.  But thanks to a friendly fan in Australia by the name of Paul Wickham, I own most of the series on DVD as of July 2006.  Still looking for the other episodes (PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE THEM!).

    Irish McCalla as Sheena is such a kind personality.  She is a really good role model for girls.  All of the sexiness, but none of the filth.  This is a TV show that can be viewed equally by children and adults.  I can see why she was proud of this character in real life.

    Christian Drake as Bob Rayburn also deserves special mention.  The male half of this series' major cast is definitely a second-stringer in the stories, but he handles the part so well and likably.  Bob and Sheena get along so well together.  There is certainly no love affair between them.  Their friendship is asexual.  But they are always friends.  Truth be told, I don't think the less-than-30-minute format of the shows would've allowed for a great romantic relationship and still retained the action we REALLY want to see.  The writers did well, doing it how they did it.

    The stories are fun and even easy for little minds to understand.  AND they're entertaining.  The ideas themselves are rather unique and something to see.  For instance, in one episode, a phoney witch doctor fools a tribe with a scary, noise-making idol that is really a stolen Army Jeep!  The premises themselves are worth the watching.

    Sheena, in this series, is just a jungle girl.  No super powers here.  Her sidekick is a chimp named Chimp.  He's kind of cute, but I'm glad they didn't do too much with him.  He just doesn't offer much.  Just light comic relief.  Kids like seeing animals.  I like seeing animals.  It would have been neat if they mixed it up a bit and gave her different pet animals in certain shows.  But I really have no problem with how they did this for this series.  It's not distracting.