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The Shadow- The Case of the Cotton Kimona
(1954 TV Pilot)

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The Shadow (1954):  My feelings are mixed on this Shadow TV pilot.  At least the Shadow is a superhero, but the whole show is filmed like a soap opera with only a few rooms for sets.  It's a very thinly-disguised detective show, with the Shadow character easily dropped in.  You never get to see the Shadow, so there was no Shadow costume for this show.  You see a bright light, hear his voice, and that's it.

    There's not much to it.  It's just like "Dragnet" or any other 1950s cop show, and it should be a superhero show.  No activity; just a lot of talk.  The actors are great.  Tom Helmore does a great job as Lamont Cranston/The Shadow.  Paula Raymond, the lady who plays Margo Lane, is a real knockout.  But this story just isn't that interesting.  In this form, it wouldn't have dazzled as a weekly series.  I do, however, feel that with some retooling, this cast and the premise of the Shadow would've been awesome!

    If you're looking for a Shadow show with some entertainment value, the 1994 film is the best, and even the 1930s non-superhero Shadow movies are thrilling in their own right.