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Superhero Commercials (Live-Action)

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Live-Action Superhero Commercials:  I'm not talking about movie previews or theatrical trailers or teasers for TV episodes, I'm talking about original TV commercials and other such advertising that features live-action superheroes in original ads.  These are not too common nor have they ever been, but I will list some of those that have been made on this page with screen grabs and as much information as I can share on them.  I would like to know more about these actors and what they've been up to since that time.  If you know anything about these commercials you'd like to share, please CONTACT ME.

Batgirl, Batman, and Robin
Spider-Man and the Avengers

Batgirl, Batman, and Robin PSA (aired in 1974):

    In 1974, Yvonne Craig and Burt Ward reprised their roles of Batgirl and Robin (respectively) from the 1966 Batman TV series in this public service announcement that encouraged womens' equal pay for equal work.  Adam West wanted to distance himself from the Batman role at this time and does NOT appear as Batman in this commercial.  The actor who portrays Batman is unknown to me.  If you know, please CONTACT ME.  Although I'm not a great fan of the Batman series, this commercial was a wonderful way to express an important point.  I believe this should be used for viewing in history classes.

Yvonne Craig

Hawkman "Baby Ruth" commercial:

    This commercial is funny and shows scenes of Hawkman in action and being interviewed.  The pictures you see were actually found in a hard-to-reach place on the Net.  Hawkman is not only a character you never expect to see in live-action, he's also not a character you'd think would be popular enough to use in a commercial.  He's owned by DC Comics, by the way.

Hawkman Baby Ruth
Hawkman Baby Ruth

Spider-Man and the Avengers "Got Milk?" commercial (aired in 2000):

    This is one of the most interesting TV commercials I've ever seen because I'm a superhero fan in the first place, so it's neat to see all of these heroes, most of which had never been in live-action before at this time, interrogating a milkman.

    Up until 2000, the only heroes in this commercial that had been in live-action shows were Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor.  Spider-Man was in a short-lived TV series that aired sporadically from 1977-1979.  Captain America had been in a 1944 movie serial and two TV movies in 1979, not looking at all like the comic hero or Cap as you see him in this commercial.  The only Captain America live-action show where he actually looked like Captain America was made in 1989 and was a little seen, barely-released independent film.  Hulk was in the popular TV series "The Incredible Hulk" from 1978-1982 and had the strongest success on film of any of these heroes, although he looked different than he does here.  And Thor appeared looking quite different in the TV movie "The Incredible Hulk Returns" from 1988.  So none of these heroes except for Hulk was really established in live-action at this time and it was an interesting prospect.

    You'll see Spider-Man with Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Thor.  The actress who played Scarlet Witch I find particularly sexy.  All of the costumes were awesome!  There was quite a budget for this commercial, and you can see it in the costumes alone!

Spider-Man Scarlet Witch
Captain America Thor