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Black Scorpion
(2001 TV Series)

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Sexiest Sidekicks


Michelle Lintel as Detective Darcy Walker/Black Scorpion
Scott Valentine as Detective Steve Rafferty
B.T. as Argyle
Enya Flack as Veronica "Tender Lovin'"
Guy Boyd as Captain Strickland
Shane Powers as Specs
Steven Kravitz as Slugger
Robert Pine as Mayor Artie Worth
Shae Marks as Babette
Raye Birk as Dr. Phinneas Phoenix

Black Scorpion (2001)
:  This is a TV series based on the two previous "Black Scorpion" movies.  Black Scorpion is NOT a comic book superheroine, but is styled to resemble one.  She is a unique superheroine character; created expressly for film.  In this series, Michelle Lintel plays the black-clad vigilante.

    This series is definitely better than "Black Scorpion 2".  It is more of a family show than either of the films.  The first Black Scorpion movie was cool; it was a sexy superheroine created for adults.  The second film had its highlights, primarily Joan Severance as the namesake, but couldn't make up its mind whether it was just for adults or just for kids.  The second film was a bit too violent to be a kid's show, and the rest of it was just so silly that adults couldn't watch it as a "real" movie.  The TV series finally establishes that Black Scorpion is a family action-comedy character.  The women characters are all very sexy in their skimpy costumes, for the fathers.  But the stories are something anyone can watch.

    Truth be told, this is a lot like the 60s "Batman" series; very camp and low-brow, no real dazzling plot.  I'm not a great fan of the 60s "Batman" series, but this show is a bit better done.  There's more action and a higher use of special effects.  For instance, the car chase scenes are well-orchestrated.  Also, the filming is more open.  It's not all filmed in small rooms on closed sets.  But this series' greatest strength is the fact that there are a lot of women here, all of them showing plenty of cleavage.  Yes, cleavage DOES make for a more interesting show MOST of the time.  I hate it when people say it doesn't; mostly because they're hippocritical idiots.  Especially since the whole idea of this show centers around a sexy heroine.  The cast and crew of "Black Scorpion" does a good job in at least giving us something watchable.

    This series was purposely made to be funny, and picks up where the movies left off. 
"Black Scorpion" is a light-hearted superhero spoof, but not too over the top.  Michelle Lintel is great as the title character, and a likable personality.  They made Scorpion's costume a lot racier in this series; much skimpier than the outfit in the movies.  Darcy Walker/Black Scorpion has a new male police partner, Steve Rafferty, with a love/hate relationship for the daring darling of night.  She still has her Scorpionmobile, but it gets blown up in the first episode.  Argyle, the mechanic and techno-wizard, rebuilds and revamps it, updating the alternate identity of the car from Darcy's red classic Corvette Stingray to a 1999 white Corvette. 

    "Black Scorpion" is certainly entertaining and endearing.  Just don't expect any serious social message or any of that junk and you'll enjoy yourself.  Worth watching.

Episodes (all aired 2001):

1: Armed and Dangerous (January 5) FIREARM
2: Wave Goodbye (January 12) HURRICANE
3: Blinded by the Light (January 19) FLASHPOINT
4: Home Sweet Homeless (January 26) AFTERSHOCK
5: Love Burns (February 2) INFERNO
6: Out of Thin Air (February 9) BREATHTAKER
7: No Stone Unturned (February 16) MEDUSA
8: Crime Time (February 23) CLOCKWISE
9: No Sweat (March 2) AEROBICIDE
10: An Officer and a Prankster (March 9) GANGSTER PRANKSTER
11: Life's a Gas (March 24) POLLUTIA
12: Roses are Red, You're Dead (March 31) GREENTHUMB
13: Fire and Brimstone (April 7) MEDUSA, INFERNO, CUPID
14: Virtual Vice (April 14) MINDBENDER
15: Bad Sport (April 21) SLAPSHOT
16: Kiss of Death (April 28) ANGEL OF DEATH
17: He Who Laughs Last (May 5) GANGSTER PRANKSTER
19: Photo Finish (May 19) FLASHPOINT
20: Face the Music (June 16) VOX POPULI
22: Zodiac Attack Part 2 (June 30)

1. Armed and Dangerous- Supervillain is Firearm (played by Martin Kove).  He dresses in full body armor and has his right arm replaced with a powerful machine gun.  Black Scorpion blows him up with a rocket launcher.

    Firearm is one of the few Black Scorpion villains that stays dead (save for a stock footage cameo in episode "Power Play").  Quite frankly, I think Martin Kove was too dang busy with other projects to make another appearance.  He's been in a ton of stuff, most memorably the major irritant in "Karate Kid" (1984) and one of the bad dudes in "Rambo: First Blood Part II" (1985), and continues to work heavily to this day (2009).

    I'd also say that Firearm was one of the series' best villains.  What gives his character credibility is that he isn't cloned like so many of them were, and he didn't need goofy sidekicks to be watchable.  Firearm was a stand alone villain.

2. Wave Goodbye- Supervillain is Hurricane aka Dr. Gail Waters (played by Athena Massey).  Her sidekicks are the gross-looking squid-men mutants simply called Squid #1 and Squid #2 (played by Kevin West and Richard Tanner).  Dr. Waters and her two assistants are taking water samples from Angel Bay when they are affected by toxic waste that the city's evil Mayor Worth hired dumped into it.  After developing super powers from the toxic waste, the trio, for some unexplained reason, takes out their hostilities on the whole city.  Hurricane and the Squids are punched-out by Black Scorpion and arrested.

    Athena Massey and Michelle Lintel look good, and it's fun to see old comic Soupy Sales as weatherman Sonny Dey.  That's about all that's good about this episode.  It's really dumb.  Even for "Black Scorpion".  I love the series for its dumbness and kitchiness, but this was too dumb.  First of all, the squid-men are just gross.  They're hard to look at.  But this episode is "too dumb" on a great many levels.  The three people are struck by toxic waste; Dr. Waters still looks hotter than h***, and the two guys are monsters?  What kind of sense does that make?  She has hurricane powers, and the guys have squid powers?  Why would they have different powers and look so different?  Even the two squid guys look different from each other.  If they were hit by the same toxic waste in the same place, wouldn't they look about the same?  They had the same abilities.  The constant, fake evil laughter was also annoying.  No one laughs that much, evil or not.  It wasn't even good, fake evil laughter; just real hacky.  But what's real dumb is the fact that Dr. Waters and her crew are marine biologists who care about ecology, even after they get their powers.  They're still good guys.  Then, for no real reason, she gets a costume, robs a bank, and is bent on destroying the city with her hurricane powers for the rest of the show.  Hurricane could've been given a much better story.

3. Blinded by the Light- Supervillain is Flashpoint aka Cameron Albright (played by Allen Scotti).  His sexy sidekick is lover Vision aka Iris Lookinggood (played by Kimber West).  Evil accomplice is Dr. Heinderscheit (hindsight), played by Paul Keith.  Flashpoint is one of the better villains in the series.  The story and motivation behind this bad guy is a bit more original than most others.  And Scotti acts well enough to give us a cool, yet geeky and creepy villain.  I really like Kimber West in this show, too.  Besides looking real good, she has a good character.  All three baddies are punched-out by Black Scorpion and arrested.

    What I like about how they did Flashpoint is that he was evil and greedy in the first place, before his accident.  He didn't just "transform", like most of the villains in the series.  In his attempt to photograph Black Scorpion unmasked, to accelerate his own fame and fortune, he is permanently blinded by the shock of Scorpion's sting ring.  Through an experimental procedure by the German doctor, Flashpoint's sight is restored with glowing yellow orbs.  The three then join forces to have Black Scorpion publicly unmask, to suit Flashpoint's vengeance.  A side note: I think this is the HOTTEST Tender Lovin' (played by Enya Flack) looked in the series.  She looks great in all the episodes, but she probably has her best outfits in this show.

4. Home Sweet Homeless- Supervillain is Aftershock (Sherrie Rose).  This picks up Aftershock's saga where it was left off in the film "Black Scorpion 2: Aftershock".  To tell the truth, I didn't like the second Black Scorpion film that much.  I like Sherrie Rose and Stoney Jackson (who played Gangster Prankster), but the villain characters were not that cool and the movie wasn't that cool.  I think this series should have ignored much of what went on in that film.  The good thing is, this series was faithful to the events of the movies and continuity, in general.  They even used most of the original actors from the movies AND the TV series when villains reappeared.  Those qualities are rare even in big-budget film sagas, so I tip my hat to Roger Corman and crew on that one.

    Contrary to what we thought, Aftershock did not die at the end of "Black Scorpion 2".  She was rescued by homeless people in the sewer after her great fall and, in appreciation of them, becomes their leader against the "surface dwellers".  Aftershock's character is better here than it was in the film.  In this show, she's a bit more methodical and nonsensical.  She is without sidekicks, but allied with the homeless people that live with her in the sewer.  Aftershock is killed; a victim of her own earthquake.

5. Love Burns- Supervillain is Inferno aka Adam Burns (played by Brent Huff).  He can draw fire from his body to use against his enemies.  Guest-starring lots-of-hair rocker Dave Mustaine of Megadeth as arsonist Torchy Thompson who ends up getting killed by Inferno.  He's a reg'lar "bad dude" up until then, actually knocking out Darcy in an early fight.  Inferno is killed when Black Scorpion disintegrates him with a laser.

    Inferno is another one of the series best villains.  He appears a total of four times in the series.  Besides being a cool concept for a villain, he's one of the few in the series that doesn't have sidekicks.  Inferno is a loner.  Torchy Thompson is another one of the series' best villains.  He's not a "super" villain, but he's evil enough to be one.  Torchy was actually more evil than Inferno, but didn't have the "fire thing" going for him like his nemesis.  He was easily killed.  Dave Mustaine is actually good at playing this kind of part and was fun to see.

6. Out of Thin Air- Supervillain is Breathtaker aka Dr. Noah Goddard (played by Adam West).  West was not the original actor to play Breathtaker.  In the first film, "Black Scorpion", the role was played by two people; Casey Siemaszko played Dr. Goddard, the human counterpart, and Ed Gilbert supplied the voice of the Breathtaker.  This was Breathtaker's first appearance in the series and Adam West actually does a very good job.  I enjoyed the Breathtaker villain in the movie, and he's cool here, too.  As we all know, Adam West played Batman in the 1960s.  This series is notorious for its references to the 1966 TV series.  However, this particular episode is one that's pretty far removed from anything to the old "Batman" show.  Breathtaker is a legitimately serious villain with a genuinely evil scheme; he has no sense of humor.  The only humor in this episode comes from the wacky hallucinations police officers get from the gas, and the goofy characters of Dr. Phoenix and Ariana.

    This is the first appearance in the series of Dr. Phinneas Phoenix (played by Raye Birk).  He's not a villain, but he IS an annoyance.  I don't like the Dr. Phoenix element that they added to "Black Scorpion".  The all-too-easy way he "regenerates" dead supervillains makes it all-too-easy to recycle old characters.  Plus, it takes away any semblance of believability the show might have had.  Dr. Phoenix, who he is, how he does things, and his purpose is never really defined.

    In this episode, we see Phoenix with the only assistant he ever had in the series, beautiful Ariana (played by Laura Harring).  She's positively stunning, and turns traitor very easy when she inexplicably falls for the freakish Breathtaker.  Despite Dr. Phoenix, this is a good episode.  Adam West and Laura Harring, of course, are highlights.  But it's also a good story with Breathtaker threatening the city with hallucinogenic gas.  Breathtaker is beaten and arrested by Black Scorpion, and returns in four more episodes (more than any other villain in the series).  He never gets killed again.  Ariana, upon abandoning Breathtaker when he's in crisis, is sprayed by the fear gas.  It's never said if she's arrested or not.  She obviously never works for Dr. Phoenix again.

     Of the five Breathtaker appearances Adam West made, this was his best.  He did a good job and made this one of the series' most enjoyable episodes.

7. No Stone Unturned- Supervillain is Medusa aka Minerva Stone (played by Lisa Boyle).  Her dimwitted, hulking male sidekicks are Marble (the black one, played by Brian "Big Mac" McWhorter) and Granite (the white one, played by Sylvester "Bear" Terkay).  These guys kind of make the show, because they're so physically impressive.  The dudes are huge!  Marble is the most fun to see because he tears into guys like a beast.  Lisa Boyle, famous Playboy model, is stunning, but looks her best when she is NOT wearing the Medusa costume.  She's glamorous in her many other outfits in this episode, but the Medusa costume makes her look kind of freaky.

    Due to a cruel childhood prank, Minerva Stone's face is scarred by acid burns.  Only lately has she developed a special mineral water that restores her face to its true beauty.  Unfortunately, she must drink it or wash her face with it frequently.  Now that she's attractive again, Minerva, going by the name of Medusa, is turning to stone all the men who rejected her in the past.  She does this by way of a weapon called the Plaster Blaster.  Then, with the help of her two he-men, the heavy statues of the men are carried to her hidden stone garden below her health spa that she runs by day as Minerva Stone.

    This is one of the few times that all the elements of a villain character are brought together in a way that makes sense.  Her weapon, where she gets the mud from that encases her victims, the reason for the muscular henchmen...all of that is supplied a reason.  Medusa is knocked over the edge of a dam and falls to her apparent death.  FYI:  Medusa returns later in the series.

8. Crime Time- Supervillain is Clockwise aka Benjamin Tickerman (played by Frank Gorshin).  He goes beyond the usual two woman sidekick cliche.  Victoria Silvstedt played the tall, sexy, bosomy blonde Hourglass.  Ted Rooney was the tall, lanky Big Hand.  Michael J. Anderson played the evil midget Little Hand.  So Clockwise was the leader in a team of four.

    I must admit, I've never much been into Frank Gorshin's work, but he did well here.  It isn't that much different from his Riddler in "Batman", but Clockwise is more mellowed out and a bit smarter.  A watch peddler arrested 25 years ago for a crime he didn't commit is now released, obsessed with time, and terrorizes the city with his antics.  He steals 14 microchips from the lab of Dr. Phoenix that accelerates the age of its victims.  So Clockwise strikes at all 12 of his jurors, Judge Cheetum, and Captain Strickland (who was Sergeant Strickland back then; his arresting officer).  Black Scorpion saves the day, everyone is returned back to normal, and Clockwise is killed when his aging ray is reversed on him.

    This is one of the series' best episodes.  The character concepts are a bit cooler and, surprise, surprise, it's actually a well-conceived story.

9. No Sweat- Supervillain is Aerobicide aka Susie Payne (played by Renee Allman).  Her sexy sidekicks are Bend (played by Faith Salie, the blonde) and Stretch (played by Ava Fabian, the brunette).  All three of these super-bad lovelies are equally sexy, but I'm really fascinated by Ava Fabian.  Aerobicide and her gang rob overweight millionaires after exercising them to death.  We later find that Aerobicide is more verile due to robotic limbs.  Aerobicide is, herself, exercised to death when Black Scorpion takes over control of her limbs via remote control.  Bend & Stretch are zapped into submission by Black Scorpion's ring.

10. An Officer and a Prankster- Supervillain is Gangster Prankster aka Luther (played by Stoney Jackson).  Dr. Phoenix, brilliant but misguided scientist, clones yet ANOTHER supervillain in hopes to reform him.  He didn't learn his lesson from resurrecting Breathtaker.  Gangster Prankster is cloned from his ashes, which were kept in an urn by Argyle.  We find out that Luther and Argyle were brothers.  Dr. Phoenix's plan worked for awhile, as a device was embedded in Prankster's brain to give him a shock anytime he had a bad thought.  Prankster was even made an officer on the police force for his good deeds.  But once the device that controlled him was destroyed, Prankster returned to his evil ways.  Black Scorpion knocked out Prankster, who was then arrested.  But we find out at the end of the episode that Dr. Phoenix is resurrecting yet ANOTHER supervillain: Inferno.  This episode picks up the events from the movie "Black Scorpion II".  It even brings back the same cast that made up his gang, including Carl Banks as Grimace (I enjoyed him greatly on TVs "She TV"), and Jeannie Millar as Giggles, the sexy, giggling girl of the gang.  She's Thai, by the way.

11. Life's a Gas- Supervillain is Pollutia aka Dr. Ariel Hayes (played by Julie McCullough).  Secondary supervillain is Breathtaker aka Dr. Goddard (played by Adam West).  Breathtaker is not an active villain in this episode as he is incarcerated the entire show.  Pollutia's sexy female sidekicks are Vapor and Mist (Traci Bingham and Amber Newman, respectively).  Pollutia, who can change forms from gaseous to human, is bottled up by Black Scorpion.

12. Roses Are Red, You're Dead- Supervillain is Greenthumb aka Eugene Gardener (played by David L. Lander).  His sexy plant girl sidekicks are Tiger Lily (played by Patricia Ford) and African Violet (played by Gretchen Palmer).  Both girls are cute, but I find Patricia Ford REAL fascinating.  Greenthumb gets eaten by his own giant plant.  Tiger Lily and African Violet are blasted through the greenhouse windows with Greenthumb's laser weapon, courtesy of Black Scorpion.  Of all the actors who played supervillains in this series, David L. Lander does the best job as Greenthumb.  He's a perfect fit for this goofy type of show.  You might remember him best as Squiggy from the "Laverne & Shirley" sitcom.  I watch him in all his projects.

13. Fire & Brimstone- Supervillains are Medusa aka Minerva Stone (played by Lisa Boyle), Inferno aka Adam Burns (played by Brent Huff), and Cupid (played by Arturo Gil).  Minerva's muscleman sidekicks Marble and Granite are back, too (Brian "Big Mac" McWhorter and Sylvester "Bear" Terkay, respectively).

    This is another episode I think is too dumb.  I enjoyed Medusa and Inferno in their previous appearances, but this "return" is kind of a let down.  Basically because nothing really happens.  The only thing that happens plotwise is Cupid, a midget supervillain on a flying skateboard that fires arrows that emit love potion gas.  We see him a couple of times, and he is never apprehended.  Also, Cupid has NOTHING to do with the other supervillains in this episode.

    At the end of the show, Medusa and Inferno become victims of Cupid's love gas and fall in love with each other.  I guess, from there, they're arrested but it's never shown.  We're just told that all is well again.  Medusa and Inferno make separate return appearances in the series after this episode, but the whole love gas thing is never addressed.  And Cupid never returns or is dealt with in any manner.  This is not one of the most clever episodes.

    I do enjoy Lisa Boyle as Medusa and am glad she was able to make a return.  She looks great as ever.  Marble and Granite are good, funny supporting characters for her.  When Medusa made her next and last appearance, she did not have them and something was definitely missing.  I also like the character concept of Inferno (played by Brent Huff), and he was well acted.  Neither Medusa or Inferno were serious, hardcore villains; more like spoiled children and, therefore, amusing and somewhat likable.  Medusa's return in this episode is explained by her going into a drainage tunnel in the side of the dam that she was falling down.  Inferno's return was explained by the ever-lazy method of having Dr. Phoenix resurrect him.  This is still an amusing episode for the sake of the actors and their characters, but too, too dumb to be in this series.

14. Virtual Vice- How come the best supervillains in this series only appear once?  Supervillain is Mindbender aka Dr. Sarah Bellum (played by Lana Clarkson).  Her sexy sidekicks are Gig and Byte (played by Amy Miller and Lisa Alvarez, respectively).  We actually hear that Byte's pre-supervillain last name is Bytofsky.  This show was good for silly!  Lou Ferrigno plays The Slave Master, a character in Mindbender's virtual reality game.  Ferrigno's a cool guy you like to see in shows.  Personally, I think he has a lot more going for him than the Hulk.

    As usual in this series, the good scientist turns wicked supervillain through a tragic accident.  Lana Clarkson is excellent.  She's a really good actress.  And sexy!  Whoa!  But acting-wise, she has really great delivery.  All the supervillains in this series make puns appropriate to their character, and for the most part they come out dumb.  Lana Clarkson as Mindbender makes her computer puns, and they actually sound cool.  It would seem as if she had a very good time filming this role.

    Mindbender, herself, is a refreshing character for the show.  She doesn't have superpowers; none that we see, anyway.  She does, however, possess an incredible brilliance for electronics.  As passionate as she is about virtual reality and using it to make others happy, it would have been nice to see Mindbender return as a reformed criminal.  Perhaps she could have used virtual reality to fight crime.

    The production values of this episode are a bit higher than normal.  The Middle Ages sets and all the costumes for all the extras look like it took a bit of money and time to put together.  On a side note, the opening fight sequences with Black Scorpion against the schoolboy punks are probably the best-orchestrated hand-to-hand fighting scenes in the entire series.

    Mindbender, designer of a Middle Ages virtual reality game called "Wrath of Warriors", traps her enemies in the game while she does her dirty work.  Black Scorpion traps Mindbender and her flunkies in their own game.  The trampy trio are kept in virtual reality when they are taken to real prison.

15. Bad Sport- Supervillain is Slapshot aka Ricky "The Rocket" Blade (played by Greg Kean).  His sexy cheerleader sidekicks are blondes Bipsy (played by Becky Mullen, spelled here as Beckie, the older one) and "Younger Cheerleader" (played by Gretchen Stockdale).  Truth be told, Becky Mullen is only two years older than Gretchen Stockdale, and they look about the same age to me, but they credited Gretchen Stockdale as the "younger" cheerleader.

    This is a good episode, but the character concept of Slapshot needed to be reworked.  A hockey supervillain would look cool, but this guy looks like an alien robot.  Why didn't he resemble more of a hockey player?  And there certainly wasn't a whole lot he did with a hockey stick.  The story idea is good.  Ricky Blade is a popular hockey player who is betrayed by three of his teammates and paralyzed.  Dr. Chiro Practis (played by Charles Fleischer), mysterious doctor, develops a suit of armor that allows Ricky Blade to walk again.  But now Ricky is using this armor to exact his revenge on the three traitors.  Slapshot is knocked out by Black Scorpion and arrested.

    Greg Kean's a good actor.  Slapshot DID return for the episode "Power Play", but I would have liked to see something more interesting done with him.  There were enough villains in the show.  He could have made a better hero.

16. Kiss of Death- Supervillain is Angel of Death aka Detective Angela Archer (played by Nancy Valen).  Supporting supervillain is Sanitation Psycho (played by Patrick Bristow).  Angry cop Angela Archer flips out and becomes murderous vigilante Angel of Death.  Sanitation Psycho is killed by Angel's poison kiss.  Angel of Death is beaten into submission by incarcerated supervillains before she, too, is arrested.  Angel of Death has one of the most interesting costumes among the bad girls in this series.  She's an extremely sexy, memorable character.

17. He Who Laughs Last- Supervillain is Gangster Prankster aka Luther (played by Stoney Jackson).  His entourage is the same cast of characters, but with a new Giggles (played by Sung Hi Lee).  Carl Banks and Greg Eagles return as Grimace and ?, respectively.  This is the BEST appearance of Gangster Prankster, period.  This time around, after playing GP twice before, I think Stoney Jackson really developed the character.  In the film, "Black Scorpion 2: Aftershock" the character was too over the top.  The next appearance, in this series, was better, but just not that interesting.  In this episode, though, he's really fun to see.  Gangster Prankster is still strange enough to be funny and interesting, but watchable.

    This is the MOST we ever see Giggles do anything.  Well, except for a few brief moments in "Black Scorpion 2" where she goes topless, but that's another story (sigh!).  Seriously, though, Giggles never really had a function in the gang before.  She's still just a cheesecake character, but she has more dialogue in this show and is given more to do.  I like Sung Hi Lee as Giggles.

    Carl Banks is also given more screentime as Grimace.  He's been with Gangster Prankster in all of his appearances, but was little more than an anonymous flunky.  Now Carl Banks was actually allowed to use his comedic acting talent.  I enjoyed Banks on the fantastic, although short-lived sketch-comedy series "SHE TV".

    In this episode, Gangster Prankster frames good brother Argyle so he can be with him in prison.  He plays on Argyle's feelings to bust them out with his technological genius.  Argyle reluctantly joins the gang to help Luther (Prankster) exact revenge on comedian Charlie Chortle who's been joking about Gangster Prankster.  Argyle invents a device that was only supposed to make people expand when they laughed.  Gangster Prankster uses the device to actually blow up Charlie Chortle and anyone else who dared laugh in the city.  When Argyle says he's leaving the evil gang, his own brother tries to kill him with the device!  Argyle is rescued, of course, but his feelings about not killing Luther change for the first time in this series.  Gangster Prankster is killed when his own device is turned on him; he's blown up again!

    Just when the character starts getting cool to see, he's killed off permanently!  This is the last we see of Gangster Prankster in the series.  Still, it was a great supervillain story for "Black Scorpion".  Legendary comedian Fred Travalena plays ill-fated Charlie Chortle.

18. Power Play- Major supervillain is Stunner aka Deputy Mayor Adrina Watts (played by Alison Armitage).  Also featuring Breathtaker (Adam West), Medusa (Lisa Boyle), and Slapshot (Greg Kean).  Previous supervillains Aftershock, Firearm, Hurricane, and Inferno are shown as cameos via stock footage.  There's a new supervillain in town, and she's got glowing boobies!  Adrina Watts (don't you love how obvious these names are?) gets electrocuted and this somehow gives her electric powers.  Hmm, all this time I thought it killed you.  Anyway, she gets electric powers.  So, what's the first thing you do after you get super powers?  Become a supervillain, of course!  I've always wondered:  How come characters in this show who gain super powers by accident automatically use them to be evil?  Is there no one who wants to be a superhero like Black Scorpion?  Maybe the superhero union fees are too high.  One other thing: Stunner had an English accent before her accident...how did she lose it?

    This is one of the series' best episodes.  The fact that there are so many supervillains makes it a pretty tight 40+ minutes.  But the coolest scene is where Black Scorpion, on iceskates, "karates up" hockey supervillain Slapshot.  It's something unique that they hadn't done before that really makes an interesting visual.

    As a distraction, Stunner releases Breathtaker, Medusa, and Slapshot from prison.  Black Scorpion fights all of these clowns separately and easily defeats them.  Breathtaker is simply punched out.  Medusa is shocked by Scorpion's ring.  And Slapshot is knocked out by karate on ice skates.  Last time around, Slapshot's super armor suit gave him the strength of ten men and he was essentially indestructible.  This time he's just a big ol' weenie.  Don't know how that works, but the whole Slapshot sequence in this episode is one of the coolest moments in the series.

    Black Scorpion absorbs Stunner's power with a special battery, then super-shocks the villainess into unconsciousness with her ring.  I like Alison Armitage.  I remember seeing her in the TV series "Acapulco HEAT" (the first series from 1993-94, I didn't catch the series from 98-99).

19. Photo Finish- Supervillain is Flashpoint aka Cameron Albright (played by Allen Scotti).  Sexy sidekick is Vision aka Iris Lookinggood (played by Kimber West).  I like Kimber West.  She bounces when she's not even trying!  Her character is a bit smarter in this episode, but still no genius.

    Vision busts Flashpoint out of prison with a special camera that actually pulls the subject into the lens.  Flashpoint is then regenerated in his hideout.  They use this same camera to catch Black Scorpion.  Black Scorpion is caught, and discovered to be Darcy Walker.  Now EVERYONE is after Darcy (Scorpion).  To convince everyone that Flashpoint is a fake, Darcy has a clone of herself made by Dr. Phoenix.  This is to show that Darcy Walker AND Black Scorpion are in the same place at the same time.  Once everyone sees this, Darcy is cleared of suspicion.  But the clone, produced too quickly, goes bezerk.  So the Black Scorpion clone is as important of villain in this episode as Flashpoint.  The evil twin kills Dr. Phoenix (we find out later it was a clone of Dr. Phoenix, left in charge by the real Phoenix), before killing herself.  Meanwhile, Flashpoint and Vision are sucked up into a satellite by their own camera device.  They're still alive, and know Darcy's secret, but are imprisoned far above the Earth where they will never bother her again.  Well, not in this series, anyway.  This is the last appearance of Flashpoint and Vision.

20. Face the Music- Supervillain is Vox Populi (played by Shannon Whirry).  Her sexy sidekicks are Screech (the black one, played by Elan Carter), and Shriek (the redhead, played by Angelica Bridges).  Truth be told, I would have liked to have seen Angelica Bridges in a bigger part.  I enjoy seeing her in shows; my favorite being her Red Sonja in TVs "Conan".  But at least she looked great and played a cool character.  Elan Carter is quite a looker, too.  An interesting fact: she's the daughter of Otis Williams, lead singer and founder of The Temptations!  I like Shannon Whirry a lot, and she normally looks very stunning in shows, but she was really uglied up in this show with that messed up hairstyle and Twisted Sister style makeup.  Well, she was playing an evil punk rocker so I guess it's excused.  And they still show off her impressive build.

    Vox Populi is another unique villain for the series.  As far as we know, Vox Populi is her real name; she doesn't assume another identity.  She's evil from the start, and not the victim of a tragedy that turns her evil.  There was only one thing I wish would have been addressed, and that is: how did she get that guitar?  A guitar that shoots sonic blasts?  That's cool, but I doubt Vox or anyone in her group were smart enough to make it themselves.  Where did it come from?  Vox and her bandmates are death metal punk rockers that brainwash the city into madness through CDs that contain subliminal messages.  Screech and Shriek are punched out by Black Scorpion.  Vox is blasted off a rooftop by her own sonic guitar, courtesy of Black Scorpion, and falls to her death on a car below.

    An interesting subplot in this episode is the mayoral race between evil Mayor Worth and Captain Strickland.  Mayor Worth ends up winning, through treachery.  That sucks.  I wish they would have used this to write out Mayor Worth or do something new and different with him.  It would have been better if Strickland became mayor.  With the whole "crooked mayor" thing gone, Black Scorpion would have had newer, more exciting challenges to face.  And a new captain would have provided for some great new stories.  Still, this episode is one of the best in the series.

21. Zodiac Attack (Part 1)- Major supervillain is Professor Prophet aka Sonny Dey (played by Soupy Sales).  His sexy cohort is the bosomy Celeste McCloud (played by Carrie Stevens).  To secure his position as a TV psychic, Professor Prophet makes his own predictions come true by releasing four of the city's most dangerous supervillains including: Aftershock (Sherrie Rose), Breathtaker (Adam West), Hurricane (Athena Massey), and Inferno (Brent Huff).  At the end of this episode, the foursome beat on Black Scorpion and knock her out.

    They certainly ended this series with a bang.  Besides the challenge of the four supervillains, and Professor Prophet and Celeste, the romantic relationship was played up between Darcy Walker and Steve Rafferty.  In a season where nothing changed, it was nice to see that they wanted to tie up that loose end.

22. Zodiac Attack (Part 2)- Black Scorpion, knocked out by her enemies, manages to regain consciousness and escape when the supervillains start bickering amongst each other.  After this, Darcy realizes that this is her first real close call and is afraid to die a hero's death with a life unfulfilled.  She gives up Black Scorpion AND the police force to further pursue a romantic relationship with Steve.  Everyone knows that only Black Scorpion can stop these villains, and it's hard for others to coerce her back into it.

    Argyle has Professor Phoenix resurrect Darcy's father.  The clone can only live 24 hours, but he uses his time to try to persuade Darcy to do her duty and save the city.  Even THIS doesn't persuade Darcy to take on the villains again, until he goes to stop them on his own.  To save her father's life (not knowing about his limited lifespan), she becomes Black Scorpion again.

    After a long battle, Black Scorpion knocks Aftershock, Breathtaker, Hurricane, and Inferno back into their tubes which closes them in, fills with sleeping gas, and puts them to sleep.  Professor Prophet is knocked on his can, and Celeste is shocked into unconsciousness by Black Scorpion's sting ring.  But before Celeste is neutralized, she fires a fatal bullet into Darcy's father.

    Lieutenant Walker tells Darcy he would have died, anyway, and that he had never been more proud of her.  In other words, she was given the "OK" by him to continue being Black Scorpion, and she rejoins the force.  At the end of this episode, Darcy and Steve definitely agree to a committed relationship.

    For the first time in the series, Steve does not pursue Black Scorpion.  Even he realizes how important she is to stopping supervillains.  It's apparent that his feelings on the vigilante may have eased a bit with all that's gone on in this season.  It would have been interesting to see how Steve reacted when he finds out Darcy is Black Scorpion, and how that would have affected their relationship.

    Other story ideas that would have been neat to see is the evil Mayor Worth (who was completely unseen in these last two episodes) being taken down for good.  Who would replace him as mayor?  Would Worth still be alive, to return as a supervillain?  Would the new mayor be good or evil?  Would Babette become the bimbo for the new mayor, or stick with Worth?

    And what about Professor Phoenix?  Most of Black Scorpion's problems come from the fact that he keeps resurrecting the nasty supervillains.  How would he be dealt with, to prevent him from doing this over and over?  Surely SOME of the supervillains from the series could stay dead.  The whole supervillain resurrection thing got past the point of ridiculous.  I think we all would like to see some new ones.

    There were so many story possibilities to pursue.  I think Black Scorpion was a character that was retired too soon.  And should a new series start, I hope it would pick up where this series left off, just like this series had picked up from the movies.  After such a long absence (this series was actually filmed in 1999), it might need to be recast, but a new phase of the Black Scorpion saga would be fun to see.

Best Villains:

Aerobicide (aka Susie Payne)- Played by Renee Allman.  Murderous fitness instructor with robotic limbs.
Angel of Death (aka Detective Angela Archer)- Played by Nancy Valen.  Angelic vigilante with a poison kiss.
Breathtaker (aka Dr. Noah Goddard)- Played by Adam West.  Spiteful villain with suit that supplies artificial respiration.
Clockwise (aka Benjamin Tickerman)- Played by Frank Gorshin.  Time-obsessed supervillain.
Firearm (aka ?)- Played by Martin Kove. Man with machine gun for right arm.
Flashpoint (aka Cameron Albright)- Played by Allen Scotti.  Blinds people with bright light.
Greenthumb (aka Eugene Gardener)- Played by David L. Lander.  Evil plant lover with huge, green thumb.
Inferno (aka Adam Burns)- Played by Brent Huff.  Villain with super-powered fire abilities.
Mindbender (aka Dr. Sarah Bellum)- Played by Lana Clarkson.  Sexy, blonde, virtual reality and electronics genius.
Torchy Thompson- Played by Dave Mustaine.  Evil, non-super, long-haired arsonist.
Vox Populi- Played by Shannon Whirry.  Psychotic death metal rocker with sonic guitar.

Sexiest Sidekicks:

Ariana- Played by Laura Harring.  Assistant to Dr. Phoenix, later henchwoman to Breathtaker.
Babette- Played by Shae Marks.  Mistress/secretary of Mayor Artie Worth.
Giggles- Played by Jeannie Millar, then Sung Hi Lee.  Henchwoman to Gangster Prankster.
Hourglass- Played by Victoria Silvstedt.  Henchwoman to Clockwise.
Shriek- Played by Angelica Bridges.  Henchwoman to Vox Populi.
Stretch- Played by Ava Fabian.  Henchwoman to Aerobicide.
Tiger Lily- Played by Patricia Ford.  Henchwoman to Greenthumb.
Vapor- Played by Traci Bingham.  Henchwoman to Pollutia.
Vision (aka Iris Lookinggood)- Played by Kimber West.  Sidekick to Flashpoint.