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Batman (1966-1968):  This show has its cool parts, but as a whole...not one of my favorite shows.  It was made purposely goofy, which a lot of people don't understand, but at that time, the Batman comics were made to be somewhat funny.  I love the comics from that era, but the show went too over-the-top.  In the comics, there has always been some connection to reality.  The series didn't have that.  It was a true "theatre of the absurd".  Some people like this take on Batman, and some people don't.  But you can't deny the show's cool parts.

Cool stuff about the Batman series:
The Costumes- The costumes were well-designed for everyone.  The colors are more bold and interesting than anything in the movies from 1989 on.  And the girls...the girls are hot!  Good girl or bad girl, they ALL fall into our favor if they were on the Batman show.

The Women- Batman is well-known for its many talented and attractive female guest stars.  Francine York is one of the best.  Also Eva Gabor, Jill St. John...there were a lot.

Catwoman- Julie Newmar as Catwoman was awesome.  She could wear lycra like no one else can.  And very overtly sexual.  Lee Meriwether also did a wonderful job, but she was Catwoman in the feature film, not the series.  Eartha Kitt as Catwoman?  Not very sexy.  She didn't play it up like Julie.  Eartha's best moments as Catwoman are the ones shared with Yvonne Craig as Batgirl.  THEN it's sexy and interesting.

Batgirl- It's hard to believe Batgirl was only in the last season of the show.  To me, the Batman show ISN'T Batman without Batgirl.  Where the other characters are too goofy, Batgirl and Catwoman act pretty much like they do even in the "darker" era of Batman movies and comics.  Yvonne Craig as Batgirl is perfect.  She's pretty, petite, and she moves very interesting.  Craig had ballerina training in real life, and she incorporated that in Batgirl's pixie-ish moves during the fight scenes.

    The Batgirl of the TV show and the Batgirl of the comics were introduced simultaneously.  There was an earlier, different version of Batgirl in the 1950s who was sidekick to Batwoman.  Batgirl/Barbara Gordon was seperate from all that.  The red-haired Batgirl has been fondly remembered since 1967 throughout her various incarnations where the earlier, blonde Batgirl is somewhat obscure.

The Batmobile- George Barris' famous creation.  The Batmobile is awesome!