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(1967 TV Pilot Pitch)
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About This Show

Batgirl (1967 TV Pilot Pitch; about 8 minutes long)- This was made for network execs to see if Batgirl could carry her own show.  It never aired on television.  It is the exact same thing as the Batman show in every respect, only this show introduces a new character called Batgirl.  Since it was so similar to "Batman", I think they just thought it best to make her a regular character on the already existing show.  If the show had taken off and been made into a series, it would have been on twice a week like the "Batman" show and their adventures would have regularly crossed over.

    The Batgirl of TV was introduced at the same time as the Batgirl of the comics.  Whereas Batgirl lasted on TV only one season, the comic Batgirl still lives on today and has gone through many different incarnations.

    If you like the "Batman" show, you'll love this pilot.  The highlight, of course, is the sexy Yvonne Craig as the plucky Batgirl.  I always loved her character because she had wit and charm.  Another reason her portrayal of Batgirl flies is because she's always dancing around while fighting the bad guys.  Ms. Craig was a trained dancer, so that is where this characteristic comes into place.

    The premise of the show:  Batman, Robin, and Batgirl fight Killer Moth and his thugs at the Gotham City Library.

    Batgirl played a bit part in her own pilot, which focused mainly on Batman and Robin.  She doesn't even do much fighting, but she does crash through a window which is a cool effect...and she prances around.