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Annie Oakley
(1954-1957 TV Series)

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About Show

Annie Oakley (1954-1957): MORE COMING!  She has a talent for shooting, which she uses (not abuses) in keeping law and order in her town of Diablo.  Gail's portrayal of Annie Oakley is endearing, because she is very funny and smart.  She also has a "can do" attitude.  In the 1950s, the "Annie Oakley" series was groundbreaking because it featured a female lead in a genre that never had before.  In fact, there weren't too many female leads in any TV program or film.  Plus, she has the cutest little pigtails.

Cast: In progress.

Episodes: In progress.


Comic Books: "Annie Oakley & Tagg" (Dell)
Puzzle Tray (Frame Puzzle)
TV Guide (June 11-15, 1955)


Gail Davis Publicity Photos: Annie Oakley