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The Adventures of Superboy
(1961 TV Pilot)

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The Adventures of Superboy (1961):  It amazes me how some shows don't make it off the drawing board.  "The Adventures of Superboy" didn't make it past the pilot episode and by all means it should have.  I've seen it, and I think it's excellent!  Johnny Rockwell made an outstanding Superboy, and there was plenty of gunfire, explosions, and other action to make this worth watching...especially for 1950s action TV shows.  Lana Lang was played by Bunny Henning.  All in all, I found this show to be very exciting.  It's definitely better than the 1988 TV series which lasted much longer (through 1992).

    An interesting sidenote:  This pilot was filmed after George Reeves' death, who had already agreed to do another season of "The Adventures of Superman".

    The death of George Reeves, who many people even nowadays consider THE Superman, killed off the possibility of any more Superman-related shows in the then-near future.  It had the same family-oriented, law-abiding morals of the earlier "Superman" show and great promise as a series as many other people also feel.

    Another interesting sidenote:  National Comics (aka DC Comics) leaked out the info that they were planning this superhero series.  In fact, they mentioned it in the TV sections of daily newspapers and even in the letter columns of their comic books to watch for "The Adventures of Superboy" on television.  When it didn't materialize, you can imagine how many people were left confused.