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Movie Characters
Women Characters

Movie Characters:
If I'm going to collect an action figure of a movie character, I want it to be distinctive.  It has to be something relevant to the movie...something memorable...and it has to look cool!

The Mask

Wild Wolf Mask- This figure was made by Kenner in 1995 for "The Mask" action figure series.  This very same figure was re-released by Toy Island in 1997 for "The Mask: Animated Series" action figure line.  I think everyone that likes "The Mask" movie has to love the part where he goes into "wolf" mode.  He is, of course, playing up to the classic MGM Wolf cartoon character.  This figure is a pretty good likeness.  He comes with a quirky Punchin' Bazooka accessory and a snare trap.  I'm not sure why they didn't give this figure a mallet accessory, which we DO see in the movie.  At any rate, this is a cool item of memorabilia for the classic "The Mask" movie.


Women Characters:
When it comes to action figures of women characters, I look for "pretty".  The less articulation the better.  I don't like seeing a lot of visible joints on women figures as it takes away from the realism.  This can be hard for collectors to find.  Action figures are still predominately a "little boys" market, and little boys like figures they can play with and move around; this is what toy manufacturers have to follow.  A good thing that's happened is that, as of the late 1990s, many toy manufacturers have been designing more sleek and stylish figures of women characters for adult collectors.  The downside to this is that they are produced in smaller numbers, are not common in most stores, and, if you're not careful, cost a lot of money.  That is if you can find them in the first place.  Even in the adult collectors market there are still far more male figures produced.  The situation has improved in the last few decades.  In the 1980s there were hardly ANY female action figures made.  The 1990s gave us a few more women figures.  The 2000s and 2010s have been, by far, more generous.

Marvel Comics Women

White Queen- So far, the best figure I've seen for White Queen was made by Toy Biz in 1996 for the series "X-Men: Generation X (Series 2)".  There were two versions for this figure.  The more standard version has White Queen wearing white pants under her tall boots.  The sexier version, and the one I like best, has flesh thighs.  The figure with flesh thighs was a bit too sexy for some stores and prudish parents, so the company had to come out with a more sanitized version.  When you look for this figure, be sure of what you're getting.

    This figure is attractive and tall (over 5").  She also comes with a neat base in the shape of the Generation X logo, and a funky weapon called the Psychic Spear.  They always have to give figures weapons.  The character from comics never really needed one.

    At this time, the White Queen was ONLY called White Queen on merchandising.  This was from the time when the classic X-Men villainess first became a heroine.  Since the character put her evil ways behind her, she's been trying to go by her real name of Emma Frost.  Action figures of the character from the 2000s onward often have "Emma Frost" on the package instead of "White Queen".  It is likely that some dealers may refer to this figure as "Emma Frost".  Don't be confused!

White Queen