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Skybox: X-Men Series 6 (1997)

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About This Card Series:   This series was an attempt to bring real young kids back into the card-collecting market.  It was a definite downsize in quality from the previous sets and effectively killed the line.  Only 50 cards were in this set, to make it so kids could actually complete their set after awhile.  The cards look like they were hastily put together, with absolutely no comic information on the back.  The images looked more like they were taken from the popular "X-Men" animated series then-airing on FOX-TV.  The price of the cards was also reduced sharply, to 99 cents a pack, to make them more affordable for youngsters.

    There were no bonus cards offered, but the packs would come with rub-on tattoos (another kiddie item) of various Marvel characters including:  Cyclops, Fin Fang Foom, Hobgoblin, Human Torch, Iron Man, Iron Man (yellow armor), Invisible Woman, Lizard, Magneto, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, Storm, Thing, Venom, War Machine, and Wolverine.  These tattoos had previously come with the "Marvel Vision" trading card set of 1996.

    The artwork is nowhere near as elaborate as what the series had accomplished just in 1996!  The backs are almost entirely dismissable, and there is even incorrect information on one card, #47.  The card is called Jean Grey and Storm when the artwork on front is very clearly Rogue and Storm.

    Highlights of this series?  Some of the pictures on the cards still look pretty good.  The cards aren't super-cool, but they're still pretty good likenesses of the characters.

Featured Cards:  I won't display every card from this series because I don't think every card is necessarily attractive or otherwise special.  What you'll see here are some of the cards I think stand out.  I hope you enjoy these cards, too!

#13:  Jubilee

#18:  Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel
There are a few characters in this series that I don't know why they're IN the series.  Ms. Marvel isn't a mutant character, although she has held importance with Rogue.  I'm glad to see her in this series, but she just doesn't fit.

#21:  Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch
Although a Marvel mutant character, she isn't really an X-Men or X-Men related character.  I'm not quite sure why she's in this set, but I'm glad to see her.  I've always loved Scarlet Witch!

#22:  Storm

#47:  Rogue & Storm
Rogue Storm
The back of this card reads "Jean Grey & Storm".  It's quite a big blunder for this trading card line, considering the earlier X-Men series had even the finest details of the characters pinned down.