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Fleer Ultra: X-Men Series 5 (1996)

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About This Card Series:   There were 100 cards in this set.  I think this is one of the best X-Men card series ever produced.  The art was much better on all of the cards than it had been in some of the previous sets.  Plus they had a little more fun with the characters, especially with the "Haunted Mansion" subset where different heroes were dressed as Halloween characters.

Featured Cards:  I won't display every card from this series because I don't think every card is necessarily attractive or otherwise special.  What you'll see here are some of the cards I think stand out.  I hope you enjoy these cards, too!

#5:  Cyclops

#8:  Jean Grey
Jean Grey

#10:  Psylocke

#28:  Shadowcat

#38:  White Queen
White Queen Emma Frost
Even though she's all covered up in this picture, she's still extremely sexy due to her sleek curves.  Well done.

#69:  Locus

#90:  Beast as Ben Franklin
I like it when Marvel used to have fun with their characters, such as in this subseries.  The "Haunted Mansion" cards were entirely enjoyable.

#92:  Cyclops as The King
Cyclops  Cyclops
Very obviously a salute to Elvis Presley.

#93:  Gambit as the Cajun Cowboy
I like this look for Gambit better than his standard costume.

#96:  Psylocke as the French Maid
This is just too awesome!  I loved it when Marvel made their female characters kind of kinky and interesting.  A lot of this great artwork just isn't done anymore.

#97:  Rogue as the Vampiress
Hot!  Vampiress was a good fit for the character, since she drains people of their energy.

#98:  Storm as the Witch
This is one of the best Storm cards, period.  I just love how she's drawn here.

#99:  Wolverine as Captain Claw
He's a pirate, and the only one in this subseries that is assigned a unique name.  Wolverine is certainly the most favored of the X-Men characters, and has been for years.