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Fleer Ultra: X-Men Series 4 (1995)

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About This Card Series:   This was an excellent set.  Most of the artwork was pretty stellar.  Plus I like the fun cards like the "Spring Break" subseries.

Featured Cards:  I won't display every card from this series because I don't think every card is necessarily attractive or otherwise special.  What you'll see here are some of the cards I think stand out.  I hope you enjoy these cards, too!

#14:  Cyclops

#16:  Dazzler
I don't normally like the non-silver-costume look of Dazzler, but the illustration on this card was VERY well done.  Kudos!

#17:  Domino
Domino isn't an overly sexy character, but I really loved the action in this picture.  Very intricate and elaborate artwork!

#28:  Magneto

#38:  Psylocke

#40:  Rogue

#47:  Storm

#51:  White Queen
White Queen Emma Frost
This is probably the sexiest trading card of White Queen ever produced!

#68:  Shadowcat

#70:  Banshee

#73:  Jubilee

#88:  Original Team: Angel
This is one character I wish Marvel wouldn't have updated.  "Angel" was a cool character concept.  When they changed him to "Archangel" and made him darker, it took a lot of the fun out of him.  I love this very stylish, 1960s-inspired art.

#89:  Original Team: Beast

#91:  Original Team: Iceman
Cool illustration!  The boots are kind of funky, though.

#93:  Original Team: Professor X
Professor X
This was just a great concept; to show Professor X with the original X-Men team.

#97:  X-Men Blue Team: Psylocke
I love the look of the character and the basic concept, but I never did follow her in the comics that much.

#99:  X-Men Blue Team: Wolverine

#100:  X-Men Gold Team: Archangel
Although I've never been thrilled with the switch from Angel to Archangel, I must admit this is some great artwork for the character.

#104:  X-Men Gold Team: Storm

#112:  Boomer
I love all the bright colors used on this card!  Awesome!

#137:  Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel
Rogue Ms. Marvel
A sexy, fantastic catfight pic!

#144:  Spring Break: Professor X & Jubilee
Professor X Jubilee

#149:  Spring Break: Wolverine
This is just too funny!

Sinister Revelations #9: Storm
Sinister Revelations was a special foil card sub-series within this series of trading cards.  Although nothing looks as good as the real thing, the above scan gives you an idea of what this looks like.  It's a great illustration of Storm, and a neat card in itself.