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Skybox: Premium NBA 1995-1996 (1995)

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About This Card Series:   As far as I know, there are 303 cards in this set.  I'm not into basketball.  Not the least little bit.  But I love these cards with the fiery basketballs.  They look so cool!  I collect every one I get my hands on!

Featured Cards:  I'll try to show as many cool-looking cards from this series as I can.

#162:  Dan Majerle
Dan Majerle
When it comes to trading cards, graphics make all the difference.  This series should be proof of that.  The flaming basketball, the gold embossed name, and various other enhancements really make these neat-looking cards, even for people like me who aren't into basketball.

#183:  Lee Mayberry
Lee Mayberry
The longer the fiery wake, the cooler the effect!