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Fleer: Marvel Universe Series 5 (1994)

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About This Card Series:   There is a total of 200 cards in this set.  I guess I like this series for the most part.  I love how almost every card forms a giant scene when placed together with 8 other cards.  My only real complaint is that some of the art looks too dark or too busy or both.  They might have overdid it a bit when they were coming up with this series.  There are a lot of character cards in this set that really don't make sense until you put them together with the others, and you don't always get a great picture of the character.

Featured Cards:  I won't display every card from a series because I don't think every card in a series is necessarily attractive or otherwise special.  What you'll see here are some of the cards of characters I like best.  I hope you enjoy these cards, too!

#82:  Fall of the Hammer: Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man 2099 looks good on this card.  I never cared for the choppy way he was drawn in his own comic book title.

#130:  Spider-Man

#144:  Black Widow
Black Widow

#146:  Crystal

#155:  Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

#192:  Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman
This is, perhaps, the sexiest card of Invisible Woman ever produced!

#196:  Silver Sable
Silver Sable