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Polar Blair's Den Remembers: 2010

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Dixie Carter- Julia Sugarbaker on TVs "Designing Women".

Art Clokey- Creator of Gumby & Pokey/Davey & Goliath.

Gary Coleman- Arnold on TVs "Diff'rent Strokes".

Robert Culp- Bill Cosby's other half on "I Spy".

Jimmy Dean- Country music singer turned actor turned sausage maker.

Jaime Escalante- The real-life subject of the film, "Stand & Deliver".

John Forsythe- Legendary TV actor of "Dynasty" and more.

Martin Gardner- Popularized mathematics through ingenious mathematical puzzles.

Daryl Gates- Chief of LAPD during time of Rodney King incident.

Peter Graves- Jim Phelps on TVs "Mission: Impossible".

Kathryn Grayson- Singer-turned-actress.

Corey Haim- Popular 1980s child actor.

June Havoc- Vaudeville actress (as Baby June), sister of Gypsy Rose Lee, and popular actress.

Dennis Hopper- Influential actor/director.

Lena Horne- Black singer and actress.

Art Linkletter- TV host, best known for "Kids Say the Darndest Things!"

Rue McClanahan- Actress best-known for playing Blanche in TVs "The Golden Girls".

Caroline McWilliams- TV actress from "Soap" and "Benson".

Mitch Miller- Famous bandleader and music company executive; host of TVs "Sing Along With Mitch".

James Mitchell- Palmer Cortlandt on TV soap opera, "All my Children".

Patricia Neal- Film actress with dramatic onscreen and offscreen lives.

Ronald Neame- British film director, including "The Poseidon Adventure".

Merlin Olsen- Pro-football player turned actor.

Fess Parker- TVs "Davy Crockett" and "Daniel Boone".

Teddy Pendergrass- Popular 1980s soul singer.

Dorothy Provine- Actress appearing in many major films.

Lynn Redgrave- Legendary stage and film actress.

Pernell Roberts- Adam Cartwright on TVs "Bonanza".

Zelda Rubinstein- Clairvoyant midget in the "Poltergeist" movies.

J.D. Salinger- Author of "Catcher in the Rye" and father of actor Matt Salinger.

Jean Simmons- Popular classic actress of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Carl Smith- Popular country singer of the 1950s.

George Steinbrenner- Longtime owner of New York Yankees baseball team.

Lolly Vegas
- Leader of the Native-American rock band Redbone.

Helen Wagner- Nancy Hughes on soap opera "As the World Turns" for 54 years!

Lolly Vegas
?, 2010 (age )
Cause of Death: Cancer.
Notable Accomplishments: Musician.
About Lolly Vegas:  The leader of the Native-American rock group Redbone with his brother Pat.  Prior to Redbone, they performed simply as Pat & Lolly Vegas.