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Quotes: Sexist Quotes (On Women)

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Below are quotes from history's learned men concerning the female gender.  These quotes aren't the least bit flattering, but provide us men with a few cheap laughs.  Although these guys took their words seriously, we can take them as jokes.  Read on!

Bonaparte, Napoleon
Burke, Edmund
Dekker, Thomas
Fletcher, John
Home, John
Voltaire, Francois M.A.
Wycherly, William

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

  • "Women, when they are bad, are worse than men, and more ready to commit crimes."

Edmund Burke (1728-1797)

  • "A woman is an animal, and an animal not of the highest order."

Thomas Dekker (1570-1641)

  • "Women, at best, are bad."
Euripedes (484-406 B.C.)
  • "I detest a woman who is learned.  May there never be in my home a woman who knows more than a woman ought to know."

John Fletcher (1579-1625)

  • "A woman-friend!  He that believes that weakness steers in a stormy night without a compass."

John Home (1724-1808)

  • "He seldom errs who thinks the worst of womankind."

Menander (343-292 B.C.)

  • "Woman is a necessary evil...and the man who gets the most tolerable one is lucky."

Ovid (43 B.C.-A.D. 18)

  • "Every woman thinks herself lovable."
  • "No matter how ugly she is, every woman is pleased with her own looks."

Francois M.A. Voltaire (1694-1778)
  • "Very learned women are to be found, in the same manner as female warriors; but they are seldom or never inventors."
William Wycherly (1640-1715)
  • "Women serve but to keep a man from better company."