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X-Men:  The Last Stand
(2006 Film)

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X-Men:  The Last Stand (2006):  It might seem strange to you, but before the first X-Men film of 2000, I was never at all an X-Men fan.  I still am not fond of the comics or cartoons.  True, some characters have always been cool, but I could never get into the stories.  Then along came the live-action films which are not at all very faithful to their mediums of origin, but totally enthralling.  Rarely does such a rehashing of superheroes turn out so favorable.  As big of hits as 1, 2, and now 3 have become, it would look as if a lot of people agree with me.

    I am especially surprised with how important of role Storm has in this film.  In the first two movies, she was basically a throw-away character.  In THIS movie, Storm is the LEADER of the team and truthfully should have had higher billing than Patrick Stewart (Professor X).  I say this not out of disrespect for Stewart, but for the fact that his Professor X character is "killed off" so early in the film that he should have been at least three or four on the list.  Storm is the leader of the team, but Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is still the star.  Wolverine plays a huge part in all of these films.  In this movie, though, he's not finding his roots (for the first time), but instead is on a mission to save Jean Grey from herself.

    Jean Grey comes back from the dead.  This time, her dual-personality of Phoenix takes over.  She's a bad girl now with occasional good girl Jean moments.  Magneto recruits her, but she turns out to be too powerful for even him to handle.  Quite frankly, she is the most powerful mutant of all time.

    A mutant cure has been discovered, which would turn mutants to humans.  Most mutants are apprehensive.  Magneto and his followers are furious.  Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) is turned human and abandoned by Magneto early in the film.  On Magneto's immediate team this time around is Pyro, his lead man, played by Aaron Stanford.  Vinnie Jones as the rampaging Juggernaut is easily the most interesting new villain.  He's awesome!  Jones has a history of playing bad guys, and almost all of them are funny.  Juggernaut is his funniest bad guy role to date!  And he looks a lot cooler than his comic book counterpart.  Heeeeeeeere's Juggy!  Callisto, played by Dania Ramirez, is the bad mutant woman of this flick and does really well.

    What I think is funny is that, so perfectly, every major X-Men hero has their own enemy.  Wolverine has Juggernaut, Storm has Callisto, Iceman has Pyro, Professor X has Magneto...all but Beast, who has no major rivalry with anyone in particular except Magneto, who is an enemy to everyone.  Kelsey Grammar as Beast is quite possibly one of the very best things this movie series has done!  He's awesome!  Funny, and although furry, is quite friendly-looking.  It matches his character.  When you think about it, Grammar is the only one who could've played this character.  I've always been a bit surprised that Beast wasn't in the first two films.  Beast brings the intelligence and levity to the series that it really needs from now on.

    So what should you expect in this movie?  Here's a quick rundown: