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X2:  X-Men United
(2003 Film)

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All 3 films in one Blu-Ray set!

X2:  X-Men United (2003):  I really, truly enjoyed the first film.  This second film, I'm glad to say, is even better than the first!  There is just more to it.  More characters, more action, deeper look into the personalities of the heroes/villains...everything!  The whole cast is great...again!  Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is one of the very best underdog heroes ever done on film.  He's like a sci-fi version of Dirty Harry.  He's just a regular guy who finds that he has to do nasty things to survive.  Even more interesting are all the new mutant characters added like Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Colossus, Pyro, and Lady Deathstrike.  We see and learn a bit more about familiar characters like Iceman and Mystique.  And Ian McKellan as Magneto, just like in the last film, is one of the best actors to play a superhuman villain ever!  I've enjoyed McKellan's work for years, and he just keeps getting better and better!  What's kind of surprising is that Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, is out of action for much of the movie.  Magneto and Mystique survived from the last movie.  Sabretooth and Toad are dead...which is good.  I was hoping they wouldn't keep bringing back all the same bad guys over and over again from film to film.  A teenage Pyro, student of Professor X, later joins up with Magneto which makes for an interesting prospective villain next film.   Lady Deathstrike, a nemesis of Wolverine in the comics for years, is killed by Wolverine in this movie, which is also good.  So far, two of Wolverine's scariest enemies have been bumped off in films.  It's kind of exciting to think about who he's going to fight next:  Cyber?  Omega Red?  Silver Samurai?

    The action and special effects will blow you away!  This film is definitely worth watching!

Rebecca Romijn Nightcrawler