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War Goddess
(1973 Film)

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About This Film
Alternate Titles For This Film

Alena Johnston as Antiope, Queen of the Amazons
Angelo Infanti as Theseus, King of the Greeks
Sabine Sun as Oreitheia, Antiope's rival
Luciana Paluzzi as Phaedra, Theseus' wife

War Goddess (1974)
:  If it wasn't for the fact that this had a pretty good story and some action to it, this movie could pass for softcore porn.  There is a lot of nudity in this film, especially breasts, but also of buttocks.  I don't agree that nudity makes a film.  For the most part, I think nudity could be avoided in movies.  However, the subject matter makes nudity plausible.  How can you have a story about Amazons mating with men or being "close" to each other without nudity.  And, thank goodness, the women we see nude in this film are FANTASTIC!  It's very arousing, but if it wasn't for the great premise it would be just another T&A flick.

Alena Johnston was a great choice to cast as Queen of the Amazons, Antiope.  She's certainly a stunning, bosomy blonde bombshell.  This is yet another movie that tells the story of how Antiope became the Amazon Queen in mythology.  Interesting is how they incorporated hero Theseus from mythology as the Greek King that wins the cold-hearted beauty.

Antiope's Amazonian rival is the sultry Oreitheia with reddish-brown hair.  There are two scenes in the film, near the beginning and end, where they oil wrestle topless.  Awesome.  After the second fight, they somehow become buddies (that point is not sufficiently explained) and Oreitheia finally respects Antiope as Queen.  Then she gets killed by the Greeks...go figure.  Sabine Sun as the catty Oreitheia is another highlight.

This movie is as funny and witty as it is adventurous.  Kind of like the TV series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess" use to be in their early days.  Theseus (Angelo Infanti) was a great character for this movie.  It's amusing how he breaks down the snooty Antiope.  He's a very cool hero.

Director Terence Young, most famous for directing the early James Bond films, is the mind behind this epic.  It's definitely a sexploitation movie, but it has a very strong sword-and-sandal feel.  This movie was filmed well.  There aren't too many sexploitation films that are this entertaining to watch.  Also nice is the fact that this movie has exceptionally well-versed dialogue.  That's uncommon for skin flicks.  It didn't look like anyone was reading off of cue cards or speaking abbreviated.  It's very easy to get drawn into this sexy fantasy.

There IS a good story to this film, but they do look for any excuse to show women naked.  This movie definitely isn't for prudes.

Alternate Titles For This Film:

The Amazons
Le guerriere dal seno nudo [Italy; actual title]