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A few words from the webmaster:
The worst thing you can ever do when it comes to watching any movie serial is to take it seriously.  If you fancy yourself a "Siskel & Ebert"/"Ebert & Roeper" type movie critic who likes to bust the chops of any movie cast or crew member just to make yourself feel big, GET OUT OF HERE!  If you like seeing things that are entertaining and unique, then you've come to the right website.  There are a number of things in "The Tiger-Woman" movie serial that just don't seem to ring true.  In fact, they're kind of funny.  Here is a list of things I find peculiar about this movie serial.  If you've already seen this movie serial, see how many things you picked up on right away.

Tiger-Woman's wardrobe #1:  She's called the "Tiger-Woman", but how come she doesn't have on tiger-skin?  She wears leopard skin.

Tiger-Woman's wardrobe #2:  She has on a lot of clothes for being in a sweltering jungle.  Of course we know this is because of the strict standards people had for women's clothing back then.  She does have a nice slip in her leopard skirt, though.

Tiger-Woman's name:  How come she's called the "Tiger-Woman" anyway?  As far as we know, the setting of this serial is in South America, where there are no tigers.  She has no pet tiger and no explanation is given for the choosing of her name.

Tiger-Woman's pets?:  She has absolutely no association with any animal in this serial other than the occasional horse she rides.

Tiger-Woman's Indian followers:  It's true there are Indians in South America, but these Indians look more like Native-American Indians of the 1800s.  This story is set in present-day (then 1944).

Jungle inhabitants:  We usually think of stories of jungle heroes like Tarzan and Sheena being set in the jungles of Africa with black people.  It's interesting that this serial was not set in Africa.  Perhaps the studio did not think that black people were demographically desirable.  It's a shame if executives did think this way about it, but historically things like this did happen in casting.  I did think it was kind of goofy at first that the Tiger-Woman had the Indian followers that she did.  On the other hand, it is kind of refreshing to see something different from the usual Tarzan-like jungle settings.

No one sweats:  All these people and all this activity and no one builds up a sweat.  I'm afraid in real life Dagget's white suit would have been sweat-soaked yellow.

Big fire, one extinguisher:  At the beginning of Chapter Seven, Allen Saunders puts out a great, big oil-fire inside a cave with just one fire extinguisher...and it goes out easily!