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The Tiger-Woman:
Chapter Guidelines

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There are a total of 12 chapters in "The Tiger-Woman" movie serial from 1944.  I give each chapter it's own page where I showcase information and pictures particular to that episode.  Here is how each page is set up.

"How Did They Get Out of That Last Situation?":
With the exception of Chapter One, every chapter page will begin with a synopsis of "How did they get out of that last situation?".  Every movie serial chapter, except for the last chapter, always has a cliffhanger ending with our heroes in some impending danger!  A brief summary will tell you how they got out of that last situation.

The basic plot of the chapter will then be given.

Every movie serial chapter (except for the last chapter) has what is called a "cliffhanger" ending.  This type of ending in a movie always has our heroes in some impending doom.  I will briefly tell you the trouble our heroes are in at the end of that chapter.  A cliffhanger synopsis will almost always be followed by pictures.

In movie serials, our heroes occasionally get knocked out.  Why this is so is anyone's guess, but it became a popular ingredient in many movie serials.  Bad guys always get knocked out so it's not a big deal for them.  I will only talk about the knockouts of our main heroes; not their flunkies.  You'll only hear about the knockouts of the Tiger-Woman, Allen Saunders, and Jose.  I will tell you who gets knocked out in this chapter, how many times he/she was knocked out, and how exactly they were knocked out.  If it's an interesting knockout, I will usually supply pictures.