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The Tiger-Woman (aka Perils of the Darkest Jungle)
(1944 Serial)

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Isn't it Funny?

A few words from Blair Whipple, creator of "Lenta Shane, the Tiger-Woman": 
I first came up with my "tiger-woman" character in 1998.  I finally completed what became her first book of stories in late 2002.  In 2003 I got my book copyrighted and searched for a publisher.  From then until the middle of 2004, "Lenta Shane, the Tiger-Woman" was in the long process of publication.  I didn't even know about the 1944 movie serial "The Tiger-Woman" until very late 2004.  In other words, my "Tiger-Woman" was not inspired in any way by their "Tiger-Woman".  I finally bought a DVD out of curiousity and must admit that this is one incredible movie serial!  Even by today's standards the action sequences are hard to beat.  I'm a fan and since it's such a novelty for me to know that there was another "Tiger-Woman", I would like to celebrate this entertaining film with all of you!