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Tarzan and the Lost City
(1998 Film)

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Tarzan and the Lost City (1998):  This movie is awesome!  I like Casper Van Dien in his movies anyway, and he makes a good Tarzan.  Visually, he doesn't look like the Tarzan we're used to.  Tarzan is typically in his thirties and very, very big.  Casper looks like he's in his early twenties and isn't very big, although he does have muscle tone.  There are a few things that they establish early in the film which makes this different from most Tarzan movies.  Tarzan has become civilized, goes by the name John Clayton, and speaks eloquent English.  He is in England and about to marry Jane.  There is trouble back in Africa, though, and Tarzan feels the call to go back.

    A treasure hunter named Ravens is looking for the lost city of Opar...and destroying Tarzan's homeland in the process.  John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke (better known as "Tarzan"), receives a psychic message from his witch doctor friend.  He goes back to Africa and takes out the trash!  The action is constant and the film moves very quickly.  It's only 83 minutes and has a pretty simple plot.  Nothing complicated.  Just a fun diversion.  The special effects and stunt work is of outstanding quality.  This movie can be enjoyed by people who aren't even traditional Tarzan fans.  It's good that they moved past the part of Tarzan's life where he spoke broken English like Tonto from the Lone Ranger.  The fact that this version of Tarzan is a little more worldly makes him more of a force for the bad guys to reckon with.

Casper Van Dien