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Superman and the Mole-Men
(1951 Film)
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This is a super set!  It includes all four of Christopher Reeves' "Superman" films, the expanded editions, with tons of extras!
You will also get the classic Superman feature film, "Superman and the Mole Men".
In addition to all this, you will get all 17 of the Max Fleischer Studios "Superman" cartoons from the 1940s!
This is THE Superman set to get!

Superman and the Mole-Men (1951):  This was the first feature film of Superman.  There were two movie serials of Superman before this, but this was the first feature.  George Reeves is a studly Superman in looks and personality.  His Superman is a lot more "super" than the problematic Supermen that were to come, from Christopher Reeve onward.  He doesn't have inner turmoil or personal problems that get in the way of him being a superhero.  He's NOT completely human, and he accepts it.  Better yet, this Superman ENJOYS being super.  He's a wonderful Superman and my favorite.

    This film was greatly complimented by Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane.  She played Lois in this film and in the first season of the following TV series.  Noel Neill actually played Lois in the earlier two serials, then took up the mantle again with season two and for the rest of the series.  I love Noel Neill as Lois, but Phyllis Coates was more fitting for the role of the character.  In the comics, cartoons, radio show, whatever, Lois always had that sexy, catty personality.  Phyllis Coates as Lois IS very spunky and sexy and catty.  Lippy more than anything else, but a funny lippy.  A lovable pain in the butt!  That's what Lois always was.  Phyllis is very pretty and comes off sexier in persona than Noel, which must have been hard to do considering she had to wear a full suit that went up to her tonsils AND a hat.  A Lois that fully-dressed just would not do today, in any medium.  Phyllis IS Lois.  The truest Lois since Phyllis Coates would be Teri Hatcher in the "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" TV series.

    But to make myself clear, I'd like to state once again that I do think Noel Neill is wonderful, but her Lois is much more likable than that of the comics and other forms of Superman.  Her Lois is not the characteristic and chronic pain-in-the-patoot that we expect.  And she wasn't given the snappy lines of dialogue the "other Lois" had.  She did, however, have the knack of getting tied to chairs and held at gunpoint like Lois always does.  Noel did a wonderful acting job and her work is still endearing over a half-century later.

    This movie was NOT set in Metropolis at any time, but a western town called Silsby.  It features only Superman and Lois Lane.  There is no Jimmy Olsen or Perry White.  There is also no major villain from the comic books.  The Mole-Men are surprisingly NOT the villains.  They do not come from space, but rather the center of the Earth.  The villain in this picture, if you would call him a villain, would be the character of Benson, who is a perpetual butthead and constantly rallies the town into a vicious mob.  He's more stupid than anything, and doesn't even get killed (although he comes close).  Benson is not a criminal mastermind, just a cruel person intolerant of different kinds of people.  But he's humbled by the end of the movie.  This is really a unique story for the George Reeves' era of Superman or for any of the superhero shows at that time.  It's certainly distinctive as being one of the few full-blown science-fiction themed adventures for this Superman.  He normally just fought human crooks in the series.

    Superman's adventure in this film was written a lot more intelligent and unique than most of the superhero shows of the day.  It's not typical by any means.  And for the time, the special effects were quite good.  Superman's flying scenes here look better than they did for much of the TV show!  If you get a chance to watch this film, watch it.  It'll impress you if you like superhero movies.  The only thing that could've made it better is color!