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Superman IV:  The Quest for Peace
(1987 Film)

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This is a super set!  It includes all four of Christopher Reeves' "Superman" films, the expanded editions, with tons of extras!
You will also get the classic Superman feature film, "Superman and the Mole Men".
In addition to all this, you will get all 17 of the Max Fleischer Studios "Superman" cartoons from the 1940s!
This is THE Superman set to get!

Superman IV:  The Quest for Peace (1987):  The critics give this movie so much crap, and I can't believe it!  I think it's probably the best of the Superman movies.  It's definitely the shortest at about an hour and a half.  The others were over 2 hours, almost 3 hours, long.  This film moves quickly and has an action-filled plot.  Lex Luthor returns, this time with hip nephew Lenny Luthor.  We finally see a romance budding between Superman and Lois Lane.  Lois has a rival for Clark's affections.  The Daily Planet is being taken out of editor Perry White's control, which provides an interesting subplot.  Lex Luthor clones Superman to make a solar-powered villain called Nuclear Man.  Nuclear Man nearly kills Superman, making him sick.  Superman regains his strength through a magic crystal given to him by his long-dead biological parents.  This movie is more than just a street brawl between Superman and a powerful villain.  He does all sorts of amazing feats of strength.  Plus, it's a statement against the use of nuclear arms.  This movie was made in the final throes of the Cold War, so it was a lot more relevant then.  Plus, I've read in various interviews that this was Christopher (Superman) Reeve's favorite Superman film.  If you haven't yet seen this film, give it a chance.  I'm sure you'll like it!

Gene Hackman