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Superhero Wannabes (Cosplay)

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Superhero Wannabes (Cosplay):  Everyday people in superhero costumes, also known as cosplay, is something that's really caught on in the 1990s-today.  Coincidentally, the comic book market severely dropped in the 1990s, but dressing up as comic book and live-action superheroes is more popular than ever.  Go figure!

    Over the years, people send me photos of themselves as characters I talk about in Polar Blair's Den.  Sometimes, I'll do a little digging on the Internet and turn up a neat picture here and there.  I'd like to show you some of the more interesting photos I've collected.  If you have a great superhero costume picture you'd like to see on this website, send it my way!

Superhero Wannabes Page 1
Catwoman, Elektra, Green Lantern vs. Ursa Minor & General Zod, The Incredible Hulk, The Lone Ranger, Spider-Man
Superhero Wannabes Page 2
Captain America