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Superhero Fan Films:  I usually can't stand fan films of any sort, but there are some out there that aren't too bad or an insult to our intelligence.  It's always kind of fun to see our favorite superhero characters in live-action.  When you watch a "fan film", keep in mind that they're typically done on very small budgets by amateur filmmakers with amateur actors.  Depending on who is involved with a project, a fan film can be pretty entertaining or pretty bogus.  Sometimes you'll see a fan film that's done very well given the limitations; sometimes it will be total tripe.  This kind of film is usually very short, under an hour, so stories have to be made more simple.  If you're expecting something like "X-Men" quality, you'll be disappointed.  These are simple, yet cool little shows that celebrate the world of superhero media!  The movies I list on this page are all recommended unless otherwise noted.

Blinky Productions

Power Girl: The Classifieds (2006)- A comedy short based on the DC Comics character of Power Girl.  Our heroine, on a forced hiatus from the Justice League, enters the working world with disastrous results.  Includes cameos of villain Solomon Grundy and out-of-costume heroes Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Catwoman, and Stargirl.  Tawnya Manion stars as Power Girl.