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The Adventures of Captain Africa, Mighty Jungle Adventurer!:  This 1955 serial was supposed to be a sequel to "The Phantom" 1943 serial, but the rights to once again have that character in another serial were unattainable.  A similar, "original" character was created instead.  This serial is mostly reused film footage of "The Phantom" and the 1944 serial "The Desert Hawk" which explains why Captain Africa looks so much like The Phantom.  John Hart, who played TVs Lone Ranger for one season from 1952-1953 played Captain Africa.  Below is a rare illustration to promote this serial.

The Adventures of Captain Africa, Mighty Jungle Adventurer!

Darkman:  The 1990 film "Darkman" was originally intended to be a live-action movie for the already decades popular character "The Shadow".  However, the rights for making a Shadow film could not be obtained.  The character was simply retooled, designed a bit different, and here you have the original character of "Darkman".  Notice how he looks a lot like The Shadow only with bandages on his face.

She-Hulk Unmade Movie:  A She-Hulk movie was once attempted in 1989, but it was ultimately scrapped.  New Line Studios casted Brigitte Nielsen as the jade giantess and even photographed her for a few pictures.  Unfortunately, the photos didn't thrill financial backers.  They did, however, generate much interest among fans.  They're not easy to obtain and even I struggled to find them on the Internet.  Here are a few photos of Brigitte as She-Hulk.
She-Hulk Brigitte Nielsen She-Hulk Brigitte Nielsen

Wonder Woman:  Who's Afraid of Diana Prince?:  The same people who produced the already popular "Batman" TV series had the idea to create a similar TV series based on the "Wonder Woman" character.  It was going to be even more cheesy than "Batman".  A pilot pitch was created in 1967, roughly four minutes long.  It was so badly received that they didn't even make a pilot episode.  This was truly an insult to the character.  It's sad for the actress who played Diana Prince/Wonder Woman Elly Wood Walker and the other Wonder Woman in this film Linda Harrison because they were both very pretty and talented actresses.  This show just wasn't for them.

    How does the four minute presentation go?  Basically, a frumpy Diana Prince who lives with her non-goddess mother in an apartment changes herself into Wonder Woman.  Then she vainly looks at herself in a full-length mirror, admiring what she sees for what seems like an eternity.  The mirror reflection poses in ways that she does not (that's where the comedy is supposed to be).  The actress who plays Wonder Woman's mirror reflection is Linda Harrison of the original 1968 "Planet of the Apes" fame.  Then Wonder Woman goes out on the balcony and "flies upward".  She's actually hoisted up by a cable and it's meant to look silly when she takes off.  William Dozier, producer of the "Batman" series, was the narrator.

    What many people consider the "real" Wonder Woman show starring Lynda Carter didn't begin until almost a decade later.

Zombies of the Stratosphere:  Below is a rare promotional photo for this 1952 Rocket Man serial with Aline Towne as Sue Davis.  As soon as I see this serial and give it its own page, it will appear there.

Zombies of the Stratosphere with Aline Towne