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Super Giant (Starman)
(1957-1959 Film Series, 1964 Film Series)

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Ken Utsui as Super Giant (Starman)

The Movies of Super Giant
:  Super Giant is a bit odd in many ways.  In America, he is known as Starman.  Super Giant started life in a Japanese series of short films from 1957 to 1959.  This set of the original 9 films is often referred to as a serial.  If it was, indeed, meant to be a serial it's certainly not like the format of American film serials.  For one thing, each film of Super Giant (or chapter, if you prefer) is about 40-50 minutes long.  Chapters of American film serials are typically at or under 20 minutes.  This alleged serial was also spaced out over the course of two years, where American movie serials run only as many weeks as there are chapters (a different chapter being shown each week).  Another unusual thing is that there are only 9 installments, compared to the standard 12 or 15 chapter format of American film serials.  On the other hand, since each "chapter" of Super Giant is twice as long as an American serial chapter, one could say that it's the equivalent of 18 chapters, making it longer than American serials.

    Super Giant ran for 9 short movies.  In 1964, the movies were edited into feature-length, English language versions for American audiences.  The original 9 films were put into 4 feature films.  Upon American release, the character was named Starman.  I think this was wise, as it was a more appropriate name for the character.

    Starman (Super Giant) was Japan's first modern-day film superhero.  Since that time, there have been scores of Japanese superhero movies, some better than others.  The Super Giant movies were actually well-produced.  The special effects are very decent for 1950s Japanese cinema, often better than the effects of American movies from that time.  The flying sequences are especially well done.  The character of Super Giant (Starman) seems to be heavily inspired by the George Reeves era of "Superman".  He's a very positive, well-adjusted superhero, and a good role model for children.  These movies are often poked at for being goofy or cheesy, but they're still really watchable.  Good fun!

Alternate Titles For The Films:

Original Japan Films

Super Giant 1 (1957)
Super Giant 2 (1957)
Super Giant 3 (1957)
Super Giant 4 (1957)
Super Giant 5 (1957)
Super Giant 6 (1958)
Super Giant 7 (1958)
Super Giant 8 (1959)
Super Giant 9 (1959)
Edited American Films

Atomic Rulers (1964)
Attack From Space (1964)
Invaders From Space (1964)
Evil Brain From Outer Space (1964)

Fun Facts: