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Street Fighter
(1994 Film)

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About This Film
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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Colonel William F. Guile
Raul Julia as General M. Bison
Ming-Na Wen as Chun-Li Xang
Kylie Minogue as Lieutenant Cammy Blue

Roshan Seth as Dr. Dhalsim
Wes Studi as Victor Sagat
Byron Mann as Ryu Hoshi
Grand L. Bush as Balrog
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo as E. Honda
Jay Tavare as Vega
Andrew Bryniarski as Zangrief
Gregg Rainwater as T. Hawk
Miguel A. Nunez Jr. as Dee Jay
Robert Mammone as Carlos Blanka

Street Fighter (1994)
:  I like this movie.  It's fun, colorful, has a lot of activity, and is sensationally corny.  There's little reality to it, but it works.  This is just a fun type of adventure movie.

    If you are an open-minded movie watcher, and/or know little about the "Street Fighter" video games, you'll be happy with this film.  I think where this failed with followers of the games is the fact that it had little to do with the games.  The "Street Fighter" games were all about fighters competing in a tournament where they finally battled the evil dictator M. Bison.  In this movie, there is NO tournament.  The characters are all loosely tied together just to make an appearance.  It's pretty much a superhero war movie, with the good side. led by Guile, fights the bad side, led by M. Bison.

    Raul Julia as M. Bison is a bit annoying.  The character of M. Bison is supposed to be huge in stature, and Julia is definitely not a big man.  On top of that, his M. Bison acts more creepy than he does tough or cunning.

    Van Damme, I imagine, was a surprise for people who knew the character of Guile.  Colonel William F. Guile is supposed to be American.  I don't think anyone expected Guile to have a Belgian accent.  Not to mention that Van Damme doesn't boast the wild hairstyle of Guile from the games.  Besides these things, I think he was good in the movie.  But I can see how "Street Fighter" purists might be let down.

    Ming-Na (credited here as Ming-Na Wen) was probably the coolest piece of casting here.  She gave a lot of personality to the character of Chun-Li that we never knew it had!  I enjoyed Ming-Na Wen in an episode of the TV sitcom "All American Girl".  I've been following her work ever since these two shows.  She was also good in the sci-fi thriller "Starquest" (1994).  She seems to have made a steady career as the voice of Disney's Mulan character since 1998.  Her Chun-Li really had a lot of spunk and was quite adventurous.  I like her work a lot.

    Kylie Minogue starred as Lieutenant Cammy Blue.  This was a very popular character from the games, but she is given such a limited, unimportant part.  Basically, the whole movie is Guile vs. M. Bison, with a sub-plot involving Chun-Li.  She looked good, though, which is really all they were going for.

    Ryu Hoshi was always the flagship character of the franchise, but they couldn't have made him seem any less important to this story.  I think that probably ticked off a lot of fans who liked this character best.

    This movie got a lot of bad reviews from critics, but it was not a flop by any means.  It was made for $35 million and grossed triple that worldwide.

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Street Fighter