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Stormy Tempest Movies
(2009-? Film Series)

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Nicola Rae as Stormy Tempest

Stormy Tempest: Attack of the Giantess (2009)
:  This is the first Stormy Tempest movie and also the first AC Comics movie to star Nicola Rae.  It's very short; only 15 minutes.  There isn't much to it, but it's a fun little thing to watch.

    Basically, Bill Black and gang took their fascination for giant women characters and coupled it with a story featuring sexy space heroine Stormy Tempest.  Stormy Tempest is marooned on an alien planet where she is giant-size to all of the evil residents.  There really isn't much to the story, and Stormy really has no speaking part.  She stomps around this CGI city, wreaking havoc.  I like the hover-tanks and the flying jet-pack men.  Perhaps the most amusing scene is where a beautiful woman alien, done in CGI, walks up to her penthouse window in bra and panties and faints at the sight of the huge Stormy Tempest.

    There's no knockout scene or cleavage shots typical of the AC Comics movies, but it's still a fun little thing to watch.

Stormy Tempest: Perils in the Past (2009):  In this 30-minute film, Stormy Tempest must go to the past and save one of her ancestors to protect her own existence.  She winds up going to a comic book convention on Earth, where the evil Gorla Monks find Stormy's geeky ancestor.  It was really a very clever idea to write this story around a comic book convention.  It makes business sense, because it's cheap to do it, but also it gives us comic fans a sense of what goes on at one of those events.  The whole thing was worked into the script pretty well.

    No cleavage shots, but there is one knockout scene (although Stormy was faking).  The movie really doesn't get too interesting until she arrives at the convention; then there's lots of activity.  On the whole, I liked this better than "Attack of the Giantess".

Fun Facts:

Stormy Tempest: Perils in the Past (2009)

Stormy Tempest  Stormy Tempest