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Spider-Man 3
(2007 Film)

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The first three live-action "Spider-Man" films in one Blu-Ray set!

Spider-Man 3 (2007):  I really like this movie!  This is easily the best of the series, in my opinion.  It wasn't a real downer like #1 and 2.  Spider-Man has his "down" moments for a bit here and there, but on the whole this movie is optimistic.  Action-packed, breathtaking stuntwork and CGI on top of a riveting story.

    I'm a bit surprised of their choice for villains, though.  Sandman? New Goblin? Venom?  Sandman was never a top-tier Spider-Man villain in the comics or cartoons.  He's been around for quite awhile, but not as used or as well-known as Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Carnage, The Lizard, Electro, or Scorpion to give a short list.  I am, however, very pleased with their use of the Sandman in this movie and Thomas Hayden-Church is wonderful.  More on that in a bit.  New Goblin is interesting, indeed.  When Harry Osborne took up his father's mantle in the comics, he just put on the same costume and called himself Green Goblin.  I think it's neat that they didn't call him the Green Goblin at all in this movie.  They probably didn't want people to think that they were trying to compare with Willem Dafoe's awesome portrayal of the villain in the first film.  James Franco gives a solid performance as the revenge-driven New Goblin.  I'm sorry this is his last appearance in the series.  Topher Grace as Venom is much better than I expected.  This is something that really made me go "What the heck?" when I first heard about it.  In the comics or any Spider-Man media, Venom's alter-ego of Eddie Brock is a very big and buff dude.  As we all know, Topher Grace (Eric Forman on TVs "That 70s Show") does NOT have the Eddie Brock build of the comics.  But he certainly captures his attitude.  110%.  What happened is that when Eddie Brock becomes Venom, his body increases in muscle mass.  His voice also becomes much deeper when he is in Venom form.  I've always enjoyed Topher Grace in his shows and this one really has me believing that he has a long, bright future in films.

    Of the three villains, though, Sandman is the one that is the most used in this movie (and certainly the most publicized in toys and other merchandising).  Thomas Hayden-Church really does a wonderful job here.  He gave the character so much depth.  And he LOOKS like the Sandman!  He really buffed up for this role.  I want to see him as Sandman again!  And since he lives at the end of this movie, that possibility is still open.  In the comics, Sandman reforms and becomes a hero.  At the end of this movie, we believe that is what this is leading to.  Certainly, him and Spider-Man part on friendly terms.  Sandman is a cool character, indeed.

    New Goblin has a much more sophisticated arsenal than his father, Green Goblin.  He's got all kinds of knives to go with the bombs and jetboard.  We see him very early in the movie.  By the end of the movie, he becomes Spider-Man's only super-powered ally, before he is killed.  I would have liked to see New Goblin as a regular Spider-Man ally in the films.  He worked.

    Venom is a villain a lot of Spidey fans have been wanting to see since #1.  And here we really don't see Venom until close to the end of the film.  It was really impossible for the filmmakers to include him much more.  Venom, in any Spidey media, is the result of Spider-Man ditching his black symbiote costume, unwittingly passing it onto Eddie Brock.  So the black suit HAS to be explained and dealt with.  In the comics, it took well over a year for them to get done with the "black suit Spider-Man" saga.  I think they did extremely well with it in a 2 hour plus movie.  The end of this movie would dictate that Venom dies, but I highly doubt that he will remain "dead" by the next movie.  There is still so much about Venom that was unexplained and they just didn't get to show much of him.  I'm positive he will return.

    This movie marks the first appearance of Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's first real serious girlfriend in the comics.  She does not die in this movie.  In the comics, the original Green Goblin kills her.  They've gone through two goblins, and still no death of Gwen.  I'm guessing Venom will kill her in the next movie.  She's the only real threat to Peter and Mary Jane's relationship, albeit unintentional.  The actress they got to play Gwen is a real knockout.  And she plays a likable character with a great personality.  I just don't like the idea that they have to kill off Gwen, but it will probably be one of the biggest things in movies when it happens.

    Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane keeps getting better and better.  I didn't feel she looked the part in the first film, but with each film she starts looking more the part and getting better and better as to what the character of Mary Jane is really like.  She's doing fantastic.

    And Tobey Maguire, of course, as Spider-Man.  He's been a wonderful Spider-Man.  I liked him since movie #1.  He looks and acts like Peter Parker, and his Spider-Man is the truest to the comic character than in any other Spidey media.  He pulls out all the stops in this movie.  We get to see Spider-Man at one point extremely happy, then extremely full of himself due to the black suit, extremely mad due to the black suit in his last great battle with New Goblin, and deeply sad when Mary Jane dumps him and when he learns the truth about his Uncle Ben's death.  So Spider-Man's personality gets pulled in all directions throughout the course of this film.