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The link above goes to the director's cut version of the film; the version they thought was too dangerous for the theaters!  Now you get to see "Spawn" in all it's gory glory!

Spawn (1997):  I like this film, but I still don't really think of this as a superhero movie.  It's more like a horror flick with elements of sci-fi and fantasy thrown in.  Spawn is technically called a superhero in the comics, though, so to make it simple we'll just call this a superhero film.  For a long time, he just makes me think that he's a borderline bad guy who just happens to be better than the other bad guys.  He has impressive powers and some kind of magic cape that can stretch on for miles!  I like Michael Jai White as the troubled hero Spawn.  John Leguizamo as the fat, ugly, obnoxious demon Klown is something to see within itself.  He's just so gross and nasty!  Martin Sheen was born to play evil government-man types.  Melinda Clarke as the sexy hit-woman Jessica Priest is a highlight.  I could go on and on about the cast, but I can't mention everyone.  For those I didn't name-drop I apologize.  If any of those people are reading this, please take my sincere words that if you were in this movie I liked your performance. 

    The special effects work is astounding and sometimes overpowering.  This movie is basically built around violent action and special effects.  That's not a bad thing at all if it's done right, which it is here.  You have to be in kind of a dark mood to watch this, though, as it isn't really a happy movie.  That's another quality that doesn't really put it in the same category as movies like "Superman" or "The Rocketeer".  But this is a movie about good vs. evil and characters in crazy costumes fighting each other, so it can somewhat be considered a superhero movie and definitely worth watching if you're into that genre.