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(1984 Film)

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Tanya Roberts as Sheena
Ted Wass as Vic Casey
Donovan Scott as Fletcher
Elizabeth of Toro as Shaman

Sheena (1984)
:  At the time of its original release, "Sheena" was a flop, and it was torn apart by critics and other nerds that don't know any better.  "Sheena" was not a terrible film.  There were some things that could have been done better, but it was still a good, entertaining film.

    I thought Tanya Roberts as Sheena was a good choice.  She really looks the part and besides that, she just seems to act like a good Sheena.  One complaint a lot of critics had is that in this movie, Sheena doesn't wear the leopard skin like she did in the comics.  I think that's a pretty stupid thing to complain about.  If her outfit wasn't scant or revealing enough for you in this movie, then you've got problems.

    The action was awesome, the acting was terrific...I think my only constructive remarks concern the overall dark tone of the film.  I think "Sheena" was a strong story, but it could have been more light-hearted.  The bad guys are really terrible, Sheena's mother figure gets killed, and everyone's playing for keeps.  To top it all, Sheena's romance with Vic Casey (Ted Wass) is torn apart when he returns to civilization.  There weren't a lot of happy moments.  This was kind of like "Sheena Meets Rambo"; not many laughs.  Ted Wass provided the bulk of the humor in this movie and he did great.  Still, moviegoers tend to like happy endings where most things go right.

    The character of Sheena is well-concepted in this film.  Every version of Sheena has been different.  There's the classic comic book "Sheena" from the Golden Age (1940s), the early TV version of "Sheena: Queen of the Jungle" played by Irish McCalla, Tanya Roberts' "Sheena", and the definitely more super-powered TV version of "Sheena" played by Gena Lee Nolin.  All of these Sheenas are pretty different from each other, with just the basic concept of a blonde jungle babe that strings them together.  This version of Sheena, while not the superheroine of the later TV series of 2000-2002, does resemble some supernatural traits.  For instance, it's hinted that Sheena might have superhuman strength.  We do know she can communicate telepathically with animals.  She also has a well-defined personality.  Sheena is naive, but at the same time not very trusting.  She is quick to make friends, but an enemy is forever.  The word "shy" is not in her vocabulary.  Sheena isn't afraid to show off her body (there are a few nude scenes in the film) and she's very direct in what she says.  I think Roberts did a wonderful job with her portrayal of the Sheena character.

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