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The Missing Lady
(1946 Film)

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Kane Richmond as Lamont Cranston aka The Shadow
Barbara Read as Margo Lane [credited as Barbara Reed]
George Chandler as Moe "Shrevvy" Shrevnitz
Dorothea Kent as Jennie Delaney
Pierre Watkin as Commissioner J.R. Weston
James Flavin as Inspector Cardona
Jack Overman as Ox
Frances Robinson as Anne Walsh
Jo-Carroll Dennison as Gilda Marsh [credited as Jo Carroll Dennison]

Director- Phil Karlson
Writer- George Callahan

The Missing Lady (1946)
:  This is the last and best of "The Shadow" movies to come from Monogram Pictures.  Like the other films, it's still a good movie, but not a good "Shadow" movie.  Our superhero is not at all super, and we don't see much of The Shadow in any film entry.

    This is a much better, tighter mystery.  George Callahan's writing for these films really improved as they progressed.  Scenes where Lamont works as The Shadow make more sense.  There are actually good reasons for him to become The Shadow.  It's just too bad that we don't see more of The Shadow.  A jade statue, referred to as the "missing lady" throughout the film, is stolen and its owner is killed.

    A neat thing about this film is that it makes reference to the previous film.  Movie series' just didn't do a lot of that back then.  It's nice to see some sort of continuity in these movies.  In the previous film, "Behind the Mask" (1946), The Shadow was blamed for murdering people.  In THIS film, Lamont Cranston is framed for two murders.  As The Shadow, Lamont must clear his name.

    The cast is good, as always.  There was a recast of James Flavin as Inspector Cardona.  He plays Cardona just about the same as Joseph Crehan, so I don't really notice the difference.  I like James Flavin as an actor.  He later played the long-suffering Detective Sawyer in the "Burns & Allen" TV series.

     Lamont Cranston is knocked out three times in this movie!  He was never knocked out in the previous movies.  We would just expect better of him than to be knocked out like a dummy all the time.  Still, this was the best done movie in the series and worth watching.  Fans of classic mystery films will love this, but it might only prove a curiousity for "Shadow" fans.

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