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The Rocketeer
(1991 Film)

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The Rocketeer (1991):  I love these 1930s-era superhero adventures!  This superhero movie is special because the character doesn't follow the usual superhero pattern.  He doesn't have super powers and he's not a vigilante.  He's just a regular guy who happens to fall into something beyond his comprehension.  An aviator discovers a jet pack designed by billionaire Howard Hughes.  This device was made with intentions of helping America win an upcoming World War with Germany.  Everybody wants this jet pack:  the U.S. government, gangsters, and Nazis.  The coincidental aviator puts on this jet pack, creates a protective helmet, and becomes the superhero "The Rocketeer" who, while keeping the jet pack away from the bad guys, continually saves the day with brave heroics.  Bill Campbell is the Rocketeer, Jennifer Connelly is his girlfriend Jenny, and Timothy Dalton is villain Neville Sinclair.  Neville is a popular movie actor who uses his superstar status to serve him as a top Nazi spy.  He uses aspiring actress Jenny to get to the Rocketeer.

    Throughout the course of the movie you'll get to see the glamorous side of 1930s Hollywood as well as the rustic, but charming life of rural aviators.  Plenty of action and a great story!  All the actors give top-notch performances.  Jennifer Connelly has never looked HOTTER!

    The movie climaxes in a Nazis vs. gangsters and feds showdown.  The Rocketeer has to fly after Jenny and stop Neville, who are both on a zeppelin leaving Hollywood.  What happens after that you'll have to see for yourself if you don't already know.  Simply said, you MUST SEE "The Rocketeer"!

    I'm always adding things to my Rocketeer memorabilia collection, but Rocketeer items are rare to find.  If you have anything, please CONTACT ME.