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The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl
(2009 Film)

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Nicola Rae as Nyoka Gordon

The Return of Nyoka the Jungle Girl (2009)
:  AC Comics has been dabbling in extremely low-budget independent films since their 2005 effort "Nightveil".  I'd have to say that, with this film, they're definitely getting better.  The acting is okay at best, but they're not working with really established actors; it's acceptable.  The camera work is decent, as are the CGI effects with the pendulum, etc.

    Nicola Rae was a good choice for Nyoka Gordon.  Besides looking good, she just has a fun, cutesy personality.  This film is extremely short, only 30 minutes, and is set up as the fifth chapter of a fictitious movie serial.  I'd actually like to see the other chapters made!  Set in present-day, this Nyoka Gordon is the granddaughter of the original Nyoka Gordon.  The story centers around the resurrection of Satan the gorilla, the mad beast of villainess Vultura from the last serial, "The Perils of Nyoka".  Vultura had a magic amulet that not only brought Satan back to life, but also has the power to control the mighty gorilla.  A costumed villain known only as The Crimson Skull is the lead antagonist in this show.

    A person might have to be familiar with movie serials to "get" most of the material.  If you look at this short film objectively, you'll actually see that many things in THIS "serial" are done better and more grand than in the old serials of yesteryear.  This is made with a present-day sensitivity.  There is a small bit of swearing (Nyoka says "damn") and a good amount of sexual innuendo.  Still, I'd say it would barely make a PG rating.  Kids can see this, and might even have fun with it.

    As a longtime fan of Nyoka the Jungle Girl I must say I got a kick out of watching this fun little program.  You will, too.  It's currently available for paid download at www.cultretro.com.

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Nyoka Gordon