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Resident Evil Film Series

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List of "Resident Evil" Video Game Titles

1. Resident Evil (2002)
2. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
3. Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
4. Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

About These Films:  To date (2010), this is easily the most successful movie franchise based on a video game.  It's hard for a "video game movie" to be commercially successful.  Most video games can't be translated to film without a lot of video game geeks tearing it apart.  The "Resident Evil" movies are a big departure from the games, but they're such good movies that audiences still like them.

    Milla Jovovich as Alice is the biggest reason these films work.  Jovovich has become such a key part of the franchise that she can't be recast without killing the series.  They probably could have gotten away with recasting her after the first, or even second film.  But by the time movie #3 came out, it was pretty evident that Milla Jovovich IS "Resident Evil".  What makes this amusing is the fact that Alice is an original character for the films, and does NOT appear in the video games.

    I HATE the video games, but LOVE the movies.  I don't think video games should contain such gruesome violence.  Heck, the movies are less violent than the video games!  However, it works as a Rated R movie series.  I'm surprised these movies have focused more on the story than the violence, which is just incidental.  The "Resident Evil" films do not try to glorify violence.  There are times, however, when violence has to be shown because, after all, this is a movie about flesh-eating zombies.

    "Resident Evil" is the ultimate zombie movie saga.  There have been a lot of zombie movies made, but this film series is the most elaborate and intelligent.

Resident Evil (2002):  I love this first film, but I will admit each sequel gets better.  A special military unit goes deep into the underground laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation to fight an out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have been turned into zombies by the T-Virus after a freak accident.

    Alice has amnesia at the start of this film, due to exposure from nerve gas.  She ultimately learns that she's a top agent working for the Umbrella Corp which she learns is incredibly evil and corrupt.

    The story for this film is very entertaining and it is the first truly unique zombie film ever done.  Most zombie movies are very simple; undead people walk around terrorizing the populace.  "Resident Evil" has so many different subplots and ideas.  Zombies is just one element to this film series, rather than the whole thing.

    I liked the character of Rain Ocampo and was sorry to see her die.  I also liked the character of Matt Addison and thought he might be a potential love interest for Alice.  That never comes to pass.  Matt is taken away by Umbrella at the end of the film and, in the next movie, has been transformed into the monster Nemesis.  Alice is the only hero from this film to make it to the next film.

    At the end of this movie, Alice wakes up to find herself in Raccoon City...overrun by zombies!  Umbrella let the T-Virus loose!


Fun Facts:

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004):  This entry picks up right where the first film left us.  Alice comes to in Raccoon City only to find that the city has been taken over by zombies and other horrible creatures infected by the T-Virus.

    Umbrella has transformed Matt Addison into the grotesque giant Nemesis.  Alice finds out that she has been given super powers beyond belief.  The entire city has been quarantined by Umbrella, who is trying to cover up their gross mistake.  We are finally given an explanation to the origin of the T-Virus, and it really serves the story.  The T-Virus was created by Dr. Ashford for a good purpose; to revitalize those who were dying...namely his daughter.  Umbrella took the T-Virus idea from him and started using it for evil purposes.  When healthy people or animals were infected with the T-Virus, it simply killed them and turned them into zombies.  What would have been a boon to mankind was now humanity's greatest threat.

    Major Cain is the primary villain of this movie.  He's not the head of Umbrella, but he's the head of their "dirty work" department.  Added to the cast of heroes is Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, L.J., Angie Ashford, Terri Morales, and Peyton Wells.  Terri and Peyton are killed.  The others survive, but we do not see Jill or Angie in the next movie!

    Raccoon City is decimated by Umbrella Corp.  They cover it up by saying it was a nuclear power plant explosion.  Our heroes barely survive their helicopter flight out of the city.  Alice was killed and left at the crash site.  Umbrella found her, took her to a secret lab in Detroit, and brought her back to life.  This time they increased her super-powers, turning her into something truly scary.  She escapes the lab with the help of Jill, Carlos, L.J., and Angie.


Fun Facts:

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007):  This movie takes place several years (I'm assuming five years) after the events of the previous movie.  It's the first zombie movie to be filmed almost completely in daylight in wide open spaces.  Most zombie movies ever made have been filmed primarily at night or in close quarters.

    We know that Alice left her friends almost immediately after her rescue in Detroit at the end of "Apocalypse".  Olivera and L.J. are back.  We are not told why Jill Valentine and Angie Ashford.  To me, this is a pretty big oversight, especially with Jill.  She was such a cool and important character in the last film.

    Dr. Isaacs, who we saw briefly in "Apocalypse", is the primary villain in this movie.  Near the end, he becomes the hideous creature known as Tyrant in the video games.

    As with any "Resident Evil" movie, new heroes are introduced.  The most notable are leader Claire Redfield and 14-year-old girl K-Mart.  Near the end of this movie, Claire, K-Mart, and other survivors leave by helicopter to Alaska.  It is believed Alaska is a safehaven from zombies and monsters.  We don't learn until the next movie that the Alaska safehaven is a hoax perpetrated by the evil Umbrella Corporation to trap humans.

    In the film's final moments, Alice uncovers hundreds of her super-powered clones and plots revenge against Umbrella.


Fun Facts:

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)
:  As expected, this film is even more fantastic than the last.  "Afterlife" picks up shortly after the events in "Extinction"; a few days or a few weeks at most.  It starts with Alice and her hundreds of clones attacking the Umbrella Corp headquarters.  From there, it's just one thing after another.  Also as expected, another cliffhanger.

    The "Resident Evil" films have always been good for its supporting characters.  By this time, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) has become Alice's faithful sidekick.  New to the series is heroic Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller), brother to Claire and a possible second partner for Alice.  It's hard to say if the trio will remain for the rest of the film series, or if someone will get killed.  These movies are full of surprises.

    I really liked Crystal (Kasey Barnfield) and wished she hadn't been killed off; at least not so soon.  She was a nice, attractive character with a good personality.  I also thought Kim Yong (Norman Yeung) was a good character.  Kind of a wimp, but a decent sort.  Kim was killed in a very gruesome manner.  His death scene was the grossest scene in the movie (an axe splits him in half).  That was the only thing I think should have been done different in the film, but it's a small complaint.  I just don't think movies need to be that gory.

    We see Jill Valentine, a heroine from the second film, return in the tag at the end of this film.  It's not explained, but this time she is a villainess working for the Umbrella Corp.  We do know, however, that she is under their mental programming due to the device on her chest.


Alternate Titles:
  • "Biohazard IV: Afterlife" [Japan title; English]

Fun Facts:
  • The working title for the third Resident Evil film was "Afterlife", but was changed to "Extinction".
  • This is the first live-action movie based on a video game to be shot in 3-D.
  • This is the first "Resident Evil" film to be released in IMAX.
  • Claire Redfield finally wears the red vest, which is her signature look from the video games.
  • Certain plot ideas for this film were taken from the games, "Resident Evil Code: Veronica" (2000) and "Resident Evil 5" (2009).
  • This is the first "Resident Evil" movie where Alice's hair is entirely brown.

List of "Resident Evil" Video Game Titles
The games in bold are the primary console games.  Notice there are two versions of the original game.

Resident Evil (1996)

Resident Evil: The Director's Cut (1997)
Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Resident Evil: Survivor (1999) [1st in Survivor sub-series]
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica (2000)
Resident Evil: Survivor 2 Code: Veronica (2001) [2nd in Survivor sub-series]
Resident Evil: Gaiden (2001) [1st portable game]
Resident Evil Zero (2002)
Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003) [3rd in Survivor sub-series]
Resident Evil: Outbreak (2003) [1st in Outbreak sub-series]
Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 (2004) [2nd in Outbreak sub-series]
Resident Evil 4 (2005)
Resident Evil: The Missions (2005) [1st mobile game]
Biohazard: The Stories (2005) [2nd mobile game]
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (2006) [2nd portable game]
Resident Evil: Confidential Report (2006) [3rd mobile game]
Biohazard: The Episodes (2006) [4th mobile game]
Biohazard: The Operations (2007) [5th mobile game]
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007) [1st in Chronicles sub-series]
Resident Evil: Genesis (2008) [6th mobile game]
Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008) [7th mobile game]
Resident Evil: Uprising (2009) [8th mobile game]
Resident Evil 4 (2009) [9th mobile game]
Resident Evil 5 (2009)
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009) [2nd in Chronicles sub-series]
Biohazard: Survival Door (2010) [10th mobile game]
Resident Evil: Revelations (2011) [3rd portable game]

CG Movies

"Resident Evil: Degeneration" (2008):  This is the first, full-length CG animated feature for "Resident Evil".  Unlike the live-action movies, this film is set within the "universe" of the video games.  It is a prequel to the video game "Resident Evil 5" (2009) and its primary heroes are Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.  This is the first time both characters appeared together since the video game "Resident Evil 2" (1998).

"Resident Evil: Damnation" (2012):  Not yet released, but is planned to be a sequel to "Resident Evil: Degeneration".