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Nightveil (2005):  This is a direct-to-video, live-action adaptation of the Nightveil character from AC Comics.  It's extremely low-budget, and it shows in every conceivable way.  I am proud to say, though, that I got this from the official AC Comics website.  I thought that was pretty cool.

    I love Bill Black's AC Comics group.  They turn out a lot of great projects.  That's why I don't like to say that I didn't dig this that much.  True, it's extremely low-budget, but there are many ways this could have been made better.  In the extras, Bill admittedly says that this short film is not at all polished.  But I do have to give him credit for being able to make a live-action film of his character on his own terms.  Major studios get ahold of beloved characters all the time and butcher them on the big screen.  As "not good" as this show is, at least it wasn't meant to be a mock-up of the Nightveil character.

    Mary Capps, the beautiful Nightveil model of comic book conventions, stars as the superheroine.  Maria Paris, the most capable actor in the film, stars as the villainess Alazarin Crimson.  I think it's cool that Bill Black's wife Rebekah has a fairly sizable role in this show.  It's neat how this show has that "in house" kind of feel you just don't get with the DC or Marvel character movies.

    The extras on the DVD are great to see.  You'll find out more about the making of this show, Femforce, an alternate vision of the film, a fake documentary on "Cheeseorama", and more.  I actually like the footage they show of Mary Capps/Nightveil at the comic book conventions.  I think THAT would have made a much better program for DVD.  It would've celebrated the character and it's a lot easier to watch than the film that they tried to do.

    On the whole, I think this DVD release is great for superheroine buffs.  I DO think the AC Comics characters deserve to be on celluloid, but I hope that further efforts will be better done.  Bill Black's got the right idea of putting his characters to DVD, it's only the angle that needs to be changed.