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The Masked Marvel
(1943 Serial)

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Tom Steele as The Masked Marvel [uncredited]
Louise Currie as Alice Hamilton
Johnny Arthur as Sakima
David Bacon as Bob Barton, later revealed to be The Masked Marvel

The Masked Marvel (1943)
:  This is praised by movie buffs to be one of the better made serials, and it is.  It's certainly watchable, and there's no lack of action.  In several ways, this goes against the grain of traditional serials.  In most serials, there is a mystery villain who is revealed in the last chapter.  In THIS serial, the identity of the hero is a mystery.  We are informed that The Masked Marvel is, in reality, one of the four special insurance investigators.  At the very end of the serial we see that Bob Barton is The Masked Marvel.

    The cliffhangers of this serial's chapters are also a bit different.  Especially Chapter 4, which has no cliffhanger at all.  The villain Sakima merely assumes, incorrectly, the true identity of The Masked Marvel.  The great advantages of this serial is that it had a great budget (for serials), great acting, great stuntwork and effects, an interesting story, and little stock footage used.

    Johnny Arthur was the standout in the cast.  I love Johnny's work.  He mostly played funny, effeminate-type characters in movies.  In this movie, he played a top Japanese spy.  It was quite a departure from most of his work, but he did it extremely well.  Sakima was a cool character.  I also love Louise Currie as Alice Hamilton.  She's one of the few B-movie queens that was equal parts looks and action.  Her character, Alice, could dish it out as good as she could take it.  Tom Steele did an incredible job as The Masked Marvel.  He played The Masked Marvel in every scene except for the end where he removes his mask; then MM was played by David Bacon.  Steele was primarily a stuntman in movies, and in this serial he had an unusually large part as the hero.  He also had several bit parts in this serial as henchmen.


Chapter 1- The Masked Crusader:

Chapter 2- Death Takes the Helm:
Chapter 3- Dive to Doom:
Chapter 4- Suspense at Midnight:
Chapter 5- Murder Meter:
Chapter 6- Exit to Eternity:
Chapter 7- Doorway to Destruction:
Chapter 8- Destined to Die:
Chapter 9-

Chapter 10-

Chapter 11- The Fatal Mistake:
Chapter 12- The Man Behind The Mask:
Fun Facts: