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The Mask
(1994-2005 Film Series)

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About These Films

1. The Mask (1994)

2. Son of the Mask (2005)

About These Films:  "The Mask" was based very loosely upon the comics from Dark Horse Comics.  It wasn't an extremely popular character like Spider-Man or Superman, but it did have a following.  Enough of a following that someone had the idea to make it into a movie with Jim Carrey, who had just become a superstar with "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994).  Even today, more people know about this film than they do the comics.  The movie certainly took on a life of its own.

    Perhaps this wasn't the best thing for the series.  A sequel was talked about as soon as the first movie became a hit in theaters.  However, it took 11 years for another film to be made.  Fans had to wait too long, and "The Mask" missed its mark.  That, and the fact that the second film had nothing to do with the first (save for the mask itself) disappointed the masses.  Jim Carrey declined to reprise his role, so the commercial success of the next film already had a black mark against it.  To the credit of the sequel's filmmakers, at least they didn't try to recast Jim Carrey's character.  Rather, they created a whole new world for "The Mask".

    What people didn't understand about "The Mask" saga in comics is that it always went from one person to another, creating new green-faced characters and different problems.  Film audiences really didn't care.  As one egghead critic so rudely said on television about "Son of the Mask":  "It's a Jim Carrey movie without Jim Carrey...so who cares?"

    "Son of the Mask" didn't deserve to flop like it did.  It did, in fact, become one of the most notorious movie bombs in cinema history.  What makes this a sad tale is that the movie is actually quite good.  It has special effects that blow away the first film by a long shot.  Besides that, it's a really interesting and original story.  This simply isn't a remake of the first movie; it's a whole new tale.  Jim Carrey's not in it, but like Egghead would say, "Who cares?".

    The point of the matter is whether you love it or hate it, "Son of the Mask" effectively killed "The Mask" series.  Jamie Kennedy took a lot of heat for it, and he wasn't even bad.  I like both movies.  The second film captures the same wacky spirit of the first film, plus it brings new things to the fold.  It's cool to finally see Loki, and we never knew a baby could be born with powers of the mask.

The Mask (1994):  I had never heard of the comic book character "The Mask" from Dark Horse Comics before this movie came out.  It wasn't an extremely popular character like Spider-Man or Superman, but it did have a following.  I was surprised when this movie was made, more surprised when it became a hit, and even more surprised when I found out it was good!  Even today, I think this movie is more popular than the comics.  This is when Jim Carrey made good movies.

    The Mask has a lot of superhero qualities, but is he a true superhero?  Sure he's got a costume and superpowers, but most of the time he's a mischief maker.  He doesn't even become a true hero until later in the film when he fights mobsters to rescue Tina.  But the Mask is a good person underneath his big green face, so I guess he's a superhero of sorts.

    Stanley Ipkiss, lowly bank clerk, finds a mysterious wooden mask that brings out all his hidden desires and changes his attitude.  Since Stanley is a classic cartoon enthusiast, everything he wants to be is like the cartoons and comes out when he wears the mask.  The funky yellow suit and all his crazy cartoony powers stem from his persona.

    Above all else, this movie is FUNNY.  The good guy wins out big time!  It's really fun to watch and you feel good after you see it.  Not all superhero films have these qualities, but they should.  Cameron Diaz is at her hottest in "The Mask".  She's never looked better!  Even now when I think of Cameron Diaz I think of her in "The Mask"...not "Charlie's Angels", not "There's Something About Mary"..."The Mask".

Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss
Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle
Peter Riegert as Lt. Mitch Kellaway
Jim Doughan as Detective Doyle
Peter Greene as Dorian Tyrell
Amy Yasbeck as Peggy Brandt
Richard Jeni as Charlie Schumaker
Orestes Matacena as Niko
Ben Stein as Dr. Arthur Neuman
Max as Milo the Dog

Notable Cameos:
Blake Clark as Murray
Joely Fisher as Maggie
Kevin Grevioux as Henchman #7

Fun Facts:

Son of the Mask (2005):  I don't care what the critics say, I like this movie.  I don't see anything wrong with it at all.  The first film was awesome, and it would have been great to see Jim Carrey again, but this movie is cool all by itself.  Besides the general wacky spirit of "The Mask", this movie bears little resemblance to the first film.  Tim Avery, the hero of the movie, wears the mask only twice; once at the beginning and once at the end, but in rather long sequences.  The dog of this movie wears the mask a LOT.  If you loved the "Mask Milo" sequence of the first movie, you'll really get a kick out of the "Mask Otis" moments in this movie.  The biggest twist to this saga is the fact that the hero's son is born with the powers of the mask.  He can do all the crazy stuff he wants without having to wear Loki's invention.  Another thing I find very cool is the presence of Loki, himself (played by Alan Cumming).  An angry Odin (chief of the Norse gods), sends Loki down to Earth to recover the dangerous mask.  Loki ultimately crosses paths with Tim Avery and the cartoony antics really fly.

    This movie isn't as laugh-out-loud funny as the first, but it has a more sensational story and special effects that outclass its predecessor by a mile.  The cast is awesome, and I just have a really fun time watching it.  If you're up for a movie that's pure spectacle, you must see "Son of the Mask".

Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery
Alan Cumming as Loki
Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
Bob Hoskins as Odin
Liam & Ryan Falconer as Alvey Avery
Steven Wright as Daniel Moss
Ben Stein as Dr. Arthur Neuman
Bear as Otis the Dog

Fun Facts: