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#6- Night of the Bloody Apes
(1968 Film)

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Luchadoras:  This was a series of low-budget films from Mexico that followed the adventures of two wrestling women: Gloria Venus, later renamed Loreta (played by Lorena Valezquez) and Golden Rubi (played by Elizabeth Campbell).  They combined elements of action, science-fiction, horror, and the sexual titillation of women wrestling.  There were six films in the series.  Three of which have been released in English-language versions.

Movie #6- "Night of the Bloody Apes" (1968):  Unofficial Luchadoras film.  Released in an English-language version.  In Mexico, this movie is titled, "El horriplante bestia humana".  This is another remake of the first Luchadoras movie, with added scenes featuring gory violence and nudity.