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#5- Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Robot
(1968 Film)

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Luchadoras:  This was a series of low-budget films from Mexico that followed the adventures of two wrestling women: Gloria Venus, later renamed Loreta (played by Lorena Valezquez) and Golden Rubi (played by Elizabeth Campbell).  They combined elements of action, science-fiction, horror, and the sexual titillation of women wrestling.  There were six films in the series.  Three of which have been released in English-language versions.

Movie #5- "Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Robot" (1968):  Unofficial Luchadoras film.  An English-language version of the film is not yet available.  In Mexico, this movie is titled, "Las luchadoras vs. el robot asesino".  This is simply a remake of the first Luchadoras movie, only with added scenes of gore and nudity that would have been prohibited only six years earlier.  Many rare movie collectors actually seek this movie out because they say the violence and nudity make it more watchable.