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#2- Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy
(1964 Film)

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Luchadoras:  This was a series of low-budget films from Mexico that followed the adventures of two wrestling women: Gloria Venus, later renamed Loreta (played by Lorena Valezquez) and Golden Rubi (played by Elizabeth Campbell).  They combined elements of action, science-fiction, horror, and the sexual titillation of women wrestling.  There were six films in the series.  Three of which have been released in English-language versions.

You will get this and the first Luchadoras movie in the set above, plus lots of extras!  These are the American-released, English-language versions!  Awesome!

Movie #2- "Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy" (1964):  In Mexico, this movie is titled, "Las luchadoras vs. la momia".  I like the first movie, but this one is even more entertaining.  It's more interesting, for one thing, and views like a Charlie Chan movie.  There's all kinds of plot devices like trap doors, sleeping drugs, cyanide, hidden cameras, hidden microphones, hypnotism, and, of course, Asians.  This is funny.  They have Mexican actors playing Japanese that look like Chinese.  Even the name of the major villain, Black Dragon, would indicate Chinese.  But no, they say Japanese.

    The first part of this movie has some of the worst editing I've ever seen in film.  Wrestling footage from the first movie is reused.  How uncool.  Would it have been very hard or expensive to film a new wrestling scene?  They sneak in some new footage of Lorena watching on as Elizabeth wrestles.  But by this time, Lorena's hairstyle has noticably changed, so the footage doesn't match up!  Then, in the already recycled footage, Lorena's character changes from skinny to fat over and over as a real wrestler handles the tough stuff.  So watching this we think there are three different women as Loreta Venus.  And two for Golden Rubi, as Elizabeth Campbell also has a stand-in.  That really sucks.  But that's the worst of it.  The movie is much better after this.

    Our two heroines, once again, look delightful in their skin-tight bodysuits.  Hey, they look great in their regular clothes, too!  Lorena has a much better hairdo this time around, although it's still big.  For an unexplained reason, her character's name was changed from Gloria Venus to Loreta Venus.  The girls take on a "Japanese" gangster called The Black Dragon, and then a mummy.

    The Black Dragon has a host of henchmen, and two judo expert sisters that act as his chief henchwomen.  They look like lesbians. Nothing at all feminine about these two.  Midway through the movie, the wrestling women fight the judo sisters in the ring.  Although they are each to use their own style, the judo sisters do more wrestling moves than anything else.  They fake a few judo chops and that's supposed to be judo.  Barring the extreme lack of accuracy regarding Asians, the wrestling scene between the heroines and the tomboys is quite good.  Both wrestlers show off their physical abilities a bit better in this movie.  Lorena and Elizabeth do a lot of the moves themselves!  Elizabeth Campbell, in particular, looks tantalizing as she poses and flexes and even gets attacked by the enemies.  Dreamy.

    Speaking of dreamy, the knockout scenes are hot.  Rubi and Loreta are put to sleep with needle injections in the arm.  Charlotte, a prim blonde scientist's daughter, is kidnapped, drugged, and hypnotized by Black Dragon.  She faints twice in front of the mummy.  And she gets kayoed by Loreta in a futile struggle.  At one point, there are three sleeping beauties on the floor.

    Loreta smokes in this movie.  She didn't in the last movie.  I don't like to see women smoke.  It's unattractive.  But both Loreta and Rubi make up for it with their street outfits.  They certainly know how to wear dresses, sweaters, and skin-tight pants.

    The namesake of this movie, the Aztec Mummy, comes very late in the movie.  Actually, about 70 minutes into the 89 minute film.  The flashback sequence that tells the mummy's origin was very well-filmed and seemingly on a good budget.  I was surprised to see something so elaborate in this movie.  The mummy creature was cool enough.  I don't think he needed to walk so stiff to be convincing; that was a little overdone.  But the look of him was believably freaky and I like how he changed from mummy to bat to tarantula.  The girls beat him, not kill him, and tie him to a support pillar in the temple.  The Luchadoras and company exit only moments before the temple caves in on the beast.  The treasure is lost.  But not after the Mummy kills the Black Dragon's entire league of henchmen.  The Black Dragon and his sisters, however, managed to avoid meeting the monster.  We don't see or hear anything from them again in this movie.