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#1- Doctor of Doom
(1963 Film)

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Luchadoras:  This was a series of low-budget films from Mexico that followed the adventures of two wrestling women: Gloria Venus, later renamed Loreta (played by Lorena Valezquez) and Golden Rubi (played by Elizabeth Campbell).  They combined elements of action, science-fiction, horror, and the sexual titillation of women wrestling.  There were six films in the series.  Three of which have been released in English-language versions.

You will get this movie and the second Luchadoras film in the set shown above; American-released, English-language versions.  Awesome!  Plus, lots of extras!

Movie #1- "Doctor of Doom" (1963):  In Mexico, this movie is titled, "Las luchadoras vs. el Medico Asesino", meaning "The Wrestling Women vs. the Murderous Doctor".  It's also been called "Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Ape" and "Sex Monster" in the USA.

    This is an entertaining, fast-moving film of 80 minutes in length.  That's not to say it's a "good" movie, but it is a thrifty 80 minutes.  And it IS watchable.  Mainly for the two female leads: Lorena Valezquez and Elizabeth Campbell.  Lorena plays the female lead Gloria Venus, Mexico's champion woman wrestler.  She's got a wonderful figure and a pretty face, but her big hair looks goofy; like a shell.  Just the same, she's a knockout.  But Elizabeth Campbell is the one that really gets me.  Wowza!  5' 10" of shapely, Caucasian, redheaded goodness.  What a face!  What a body!  So pretty.  She plays the sidekick to Gloria Venus and is called The Golden Rubi.  Whereas Lorena would continue on to forge quite an acting career many years later, Elizabeth dropped out of sight by 1968.  I'd like to know what she's been up to since that time and how she's doing.  If you can help, CONTACT ME.

    Although not boring, this first movie in the series is very hokey with English-dubbed dialogue so stupid it's crippling.  But the actors are all likable enough.  The premise is entertaining.  Two women wrestlers take on a mad scientist and his henchmen.  How cool is that?  I hope that someday a movie like this is made on a bigger budget with better writing.  It could be a huge hit.

    By today's standards, the women wrestlers aren't so kinky.  Here they are fully costumed, but the outstanding figures more than make up the difference.  Venus and Rubi in particular are breathtaking, as well as some of the anonymous wrestlers in the gym.  Most of the other women are chunky and unappealing.  But audiences should be delighted to see "real" wrestling moves in this movie, along with a bit of punching and kicking to add flavor.

    The women really kick a** on the bad guys.  They only get knocked out once, by Gomar the man-ape, and taken to the Mad Doctor's lab.