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Hi-Yo Silver!
(1940 Film)

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Hi-Yo Silver! (1940):  This feature film is actually a condensed version of the 1938 serial entitled "The Lone Ranger."  I like it, but it's a lot different than the later Lone Ranger TV show or any other LR film project.  You don't know who the Lone Ranger is until the end of the movie, because there are five possibilities.  I'll spoil it for you:  Allen King (as played by Lee Powell) is the real Lone Ranger.  After all of the bad guys are taken care of, Allen shows his face to the leading lady of the picture.  There are five men suspected of being the Lone Ranger.  The bad guys do not know which one is the Lone Ranger, so they go through a process of elimination...literally!  Since we don't know who the Lone Ranger is supposed to be, you can't really get into his character...like in the TV show.  This is pure action and thrills.  If you're looking for character development, you won't find it in this movie because you're not supposed to.  Another thing is that the Lone Ranger's mask, in this movie, covers his entire face and not just his eyes (like in the TV show and all other media).  Tonto, as played by Chief Thundercloud, is Lone Ranger's ally, but not really his sidekick.  Much of the time, Tonto just carries out LR's orders.  You hardly see them together.  Another thing about this film is that it is always very serious.  There aren't very many light moments as compared to the TV show, where they tried to work in funny characters every once in awhile.

    An old man in present-day (1938 at the time) tells his grandson about the Lone Ranger and has an unusual amount of knowledge on the subject.  Why?  You'll find that out at the end of the show.  The horse the old man is tending to is a descendent of the Lone Ranger's horse Silver!  This was a good, exciting film, but I'm glad they made the Lone Ranger different for an ongoing television series.  He's a bit friendlier on TV, and not always as serious.  Plus you can expect certain things from the characters of Lone Ranger and Tonto; what they would do or how they would react.

    The Lone Ranger in this movie kicks SERIOUS BUTT and the action gets down and dirty.  The good guys and bad guys are definitely trying to kill each other; not knock down or tie up or anything else to get them out of the way...they're flat out trying to kill each other.  The Lone Ranger is avenging his brother's death so the entire film follows a darker mood.  This is the mad, bad Lone Ranger and if you want to see this character get really rough, I recommend this movie!

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