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(1967 Film)

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Paolo Gozlino as Flashman/Lord Alexei Burman (credited in English version as Paul Stevens)
Anne Marie Williams as Sheila, Flashman's sister
Claudie Lange as Alika, beautiful leader of female counterfeit gang
    [Some sources say her character name is Helene.  I have the movie and can tell you with absolute certainty it's Alika.]
Ivano Staccioli as Kid, the invisible man gangster (credited in English version as John Heston)
Jack Ary as Chief Inspector Baxter of Scotland Yard (credited in English version as Jacques Ary)
Micaela Pignatelli as Melinka, the Maharajah's daughter (credited as Micaela Cendali)

Gaston Cenani as ?
    [I can't even find this man listed in the Internet Movie Database or anywhere else.  I'm guessing this is his only movie.]

Sidi Del Burgo as ?
    [From what I know, this was Sidi's only movie.  I'm assuming she played one of the female gang members.]

Dada Gallotti as ?
    [An actress who worked from 1957 to 1982.  Starred in sexploitation movies so I'm guessing one of the female gang members.]

Emilio Messina as musclebound thug working for Kid

Mirella Pamphili as ?
    [She's credited as playing sexy girls in movies from 1965-1981, so I'm guessing she's one of the female gang members.]

Isarco Ravaioli as ?
    [I can't think of what character he played, but he was born March 3, 1935, which would have made him about 32 at the time this movie was made.  Either he was one of the gangsters or one of the cops.]

Sonia Romanoff as ?
    [She was credited in the movie, but does not appear listed in the credits on any other website that mentions this movie.  I'm assuming she played one of the female gang members.]

Seyna Seyn as Flower, the Asian girl of the counterfeit gang

Giulio C. Tomei as Professor Phillips
    [He was born 1893 in Rome, Italy.  He died on February 28, 1980 in the same city.  He was an opera singer (bass).  He did a handful of Italian-made movies, and was credited in "Flashman", but he has not been listed in the cast on any website until this one.  He would have been around 74 years old at the time he played this brief part as the ill-fated creator of the invisibility formula.]

Marisa Traversi as ?
    [From 1957-1984 she played sexy girls in movies, so I'm guessing she's one of the female gang members.  She's also played blondes in movies, so I think it's safe to say she's one of the blonde girls here, too.  Hair colors are often changed in movies, but I'm betting she stayed blonde for this movie.]

Characters I Can't Attach Actors To:
Blonde #1- Strapless black gown, longer, wavy hair.  Member of female gang.
Blonde #2- Black gown with shoulder straps.  Shoulder length hair.  Member of female gang.
Commissioner Dugall of Beirut, Lebanon Police- Short, dark-skinned foil to Inspector Baxter.
Jarvis the Butler- Flashman's chief butler.  Balding.  Looks to be around late 50s, early 60s in this movie.
Maharajah of Sin-Wili- The wealthy sultan who gets swindled and killed by Kid and Alika.
Melina- Brunette member of female gang.  Betrays gang and gets punished.
Redhead- Redheaded member of female gang.

    Altogether, there were six members of the female counterfeit gang.  Claudie Lange as Alika was the leader.  Seyna Seyn was Flower, the Asian member.  Then there was brunette Melina, and girls I refer to as Blonde #1, Blonde #2, and Redhead because they weren't assigned names.  If you have any information about the cast of this movie or anything else, please CONTACT ME.

Flashman (1967)
:  Okay, I'm surprised by how good this movie is.  I really didn't hold too high of hopes for it before I watched it.  The only reason I made an attempt to see it is because I find superhero movies interesting.  But I will admit that this is worth watching.  It IS an French/Italian-made film (more Italian than anything else), and it is also in color.  There is an English version available.  The DVD I have of this movie is in English, but with Turkish subtitles.  The subtitles do not distract too much.

    The voice-dubbing job is decent.  I was blown away by the budget this movie had.  There was no shortage of actually GOOD "invisible man" special effects, explosions, gunplay, and the like.  Flashman's costume was well-done.  And there was a lot of great cinematography (outside filming, car chases, boat chases, parachuting, etc.).  So this wasn't made by a bunch of duds.  They actually tried to make the best possible movie they could.  Even the actors are good.

    This is a bit more believable than the 1966 "Batman" TV series, with real action and believable characters.  Still, there is kind of a 1966 "Batman" sensitivity to the film, especially with the characters of Flashman and the bumbling, unnecessary Inspector Baxter.  I'd say this show is kind of like "Batman", but done a lot better and more watchable.  And it can still be watched by kids.  There's nothing gruesome and no profanity.

    I had some questions about the Flashman character.  Why, exactly, was he "Flashman"?  He didn't have any flash-like powers.  He had a flashy costume (bulletproof), and that's about it.  The only superpowers I could detect was his ability to jump real high and to float down to the ground from incredible heights.  He could fight well, but his name is a bit misleading.  I think even an ability to blind others with a flashing light would have been extremely easy for them to do in this film.  Heck, he could have been called "Jumper" in this movie.

    This is a Franco-Italian produced movie, yet the settings include places NOT in Italy or France.  It's mostly set in England, and then in Lebanon.  There are not even any expressly Italian characters, although most of the cast looks VERY Italian.  It would seem the producers of this show wanted to give Flashman a very James Bond edge.

    I liked the character of Flashman's younger, hippie sister Sheila that acted as his sidekick.  This was Anne Marie Williams only acting role and I find that a bit sad.  She gave a great performance and was fun to see.  Sheila was cute and added just the right touch of comedic light to the movie.  The character of Chief Inspector Baxter from Scotland Yard was annoying and unnecessary to the plot.  Granted, you get some cheap comic laughs from him and the other bumbling cops.  However, the Inspector just acts retarded and there's no point for him being there.  And why is he blinking all the time?  All the other characters are very "with it" as this is a more legitimate superhero movie.  The Inspector doesn't accomplish or do anything.

    Flashman takes on a gang of mobsters, led by an invisible man, and an all-female counterfeit gang.  Ultimately, the evil invisible man and the leader of the girl gang team up to swindle a sultan.  The evil leading lady of the movie, Alika, is quite stunning.  As is the rest of her gang.  But Alika is a real standout.

    Flashman, in reality, is wealthy English Lord Alexei Burman.  Ever dapper, he's a master of disguise.  It's never explained, but it's implied that he inherited the fortune and that both parents are dead.  His younger, hippie sister Sheila lives with him and acts as his sidekick.

    By the end of the movie, the invisible man accidentally blows himself up, but after killing his beautiful, traitorous partner (first she's run over, then he shoots her).  Despite this, it's still done in a way kids can see it and isn't grisly at all.

    This is a fun superhero movie and worth seeing.  I think it would be great for kids, but we adults can certainly get our kicks, too.