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Escort Girl
(1941 Film)

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About This Film
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More About The Actors

Betty Compson as Ruth Ashley
Wheeler Oakman as Gregory Stone, Ruth's partner in escort service.
Margaret Marquis as June Ashley, Ruth's daughter.
Robert Kellard as Drake Hamilton, June's fiance [credited as Bob Kellard].
Guy Kingsford as Breeze Nolan, manager of escort service.
Isabel La Mal as Snuggles, lovelorn old woman.
Rick Vallin as Jack, Snuggles' gigolo [credited as Ric Vallon].
Mary Daily as Blondie, dumb Southern blonde "escort".
Kathryn Keys as Rita, smartmouth blonde "escort" [credited as Kathryn Keyes].
Arthur Housman as Al, the drunk [credited as Arthur Houseman].

Director- Edward E. Kaye
Writers- Ann & David Halperin

if you can help with the cast information above.  I'd like to know who played the other escorts, and other players that weren't credited.

Escort Girl (1941)
:  This really isn't a sexploitation movie.  At least, not in the "usual" sense.  Sexploitation, as a genre, really didn't hit its stride until the 1960s-70s.  I'd say, if anything, this is very light exploitation.  It's a crime story that is heavier on comedy than it is drama.  Unlike "The Flesh Merchant" and many similar movies of the era, this film does not boast a social message.  That's a good thing, because you can't take this movie seriously at all.  It's made purely for entertainment.

    A middle-aged woman (Betty Compson) tries to hide her escort service business from her daughter who is returning home from an out-of-state boarding school (Margaret Marquis).  Odd enough, her fiance (Bob Kellard) is a special investigator for the new District Attorney's office, looking into the illicit affairs of escort service businesses.  This causes all kinds of complications and Ruth (Betty Compson) and her sleazy partner Gregory Stone (Wheeler Oakman) know the law is closing in.

    I like this movie.  It has good writing, direction, and filming.  Another advantage is that it has good acting.  Most B-movies of this sort did NOT have good actors.  This film actually has a great cast.  Margaret Marquis, who plays daughter June, is the only one who overplays it a bit, but she isn't terrible.  I've seen A-list actresses from the era who were much, much worse.  For the most part, Ms. Marquis still gave a good performance.

    Of all the cast members, Arthur Housman (credited as Arthur Houseman) is easily the most famous.  He had a long, healthy career of playing funny drunks.  In this movie, he plays Al, the drunk at the cafe that hits on Rita.  It's a part that lasts only a few minutes, and we see him just once, but it's memorable.  It's worth seeing if you like Arthur Housman.

    Betty Compson, who has the lead in this picture as the middle-aged owner of an escort service, also did a lot of work in film, but probably isn't as well known as Arthur Housman nowadays.  She was a silent movie starlet, and when she got a bit older she did a number of then-called "seedy" movies and more legitimate, but still B-movie projects.

    There is no bad language in this film, no gory violence, yet there is one scene with topless nudity.  She's wearing pasties over the nipples, but it doesn't really hide anything.  The dancing girl shakes her ample jubblies all about.  I think this is nudity, but maybe it was cleared past the censors because she was slightly covered.  Besides this scene, younger kids could see this film.  The rest of it is all pretty clean.

    I really enjoy the two blonde "escorts" Blondie (Mary Daily) and Rita (Kathryn Keyes).  Blondie is such a simpleton Southern belle.  I like how she talks and her mannerisms.  Rita is a funny smartmouth!  Both of these girls are really good comedic actresses and add a lot to the movie.  The same goes for Snuggles, the switchboard operator (Isabel Lamal).  Things she says and does, including facial expressions, are a real hoot!


    Ruth (Betty Compson) is accidentally shot by Gregory Stone in a fight with Drake Hamilton (Bob Kellard).  She later dies.  Gregory Stone (Wheeler Oakman), in turn, is accidentally thrown through a window and falls to his death.  The illegal prostitution business, disguised as a legitimate escort service, is completely defunct.  Drake Hamilton and June Ashley (Margaret Marquis), who had a misunderstanding earlier in the movie, reunite.  Happy ending!

Alternate Titles For This Film:

[No alternate titles known.]

More About The Actors:

    Betty Compson was born on March 19, 1897 in Beaver, Utah, USA.  She died on April 18, 1974 in Glendale, California, USA.  The cause of death was heart attack.  Her birth name was Eleanor Luicime Compson.  She was married at least three times, but had no children.  She started out as a silent movie starlet in 1915, then moved onto seedy roles in B-movies until she retired in 1948.  Ms. Compson played over 200 roles!

    Wheeler Oakman was born February 21, 1890 in Washington DC, USA.  He died on March 19, 1949 in Van Nuys, California, USA. His birth name was Vivian Eichelberger (insert laughter here).  He played a LOT of henchmen.  His lengthy career ran from 1912 to 1948, amassing nearly 300 roles!  Maybe this kind of heavy work led to his early death at the age of 59.  Or maybe it was the fact that he was married three times.  Or that his real first name was Vivian and, as an improvement, the best he could come up with was "Wheeler".  The dude was screwed either which way you look at it!  Ah, but I'm just kidding!  I like him as an actor and he was good in this movie, too.

    Margaret Marquis was born on December 12, 1917 in Denver, Colorado, USA.  She worked in over a dozen films, and her role in "Escort Girl" was one of the bigger parts.  It was also one of the last roles she did.  By 1943, she was done in Hollywood.  A lot of the parts she did were bit parts or uncredited.

    Robert Kellard was born on April 23, 1915 somewhere in California, USA.  He did a lot of work from 1937 to 1951.  He did mostly Westerns and other B-movies from the period.  His last work was as a recurring actor on the TV series "The Lone Ranger" from 1949-1951 for a total of 10 times!  He died on January 13, 1981 in Los Angeles, California.

    Mary Daily seems to have only two credits to her name.  This is a real shame, because she shows a strong comedic talent.

    Kathryn Keys made her debut in this movie.  She worked in only six films, ending in 1944.  Her lack of work is another real shame, like Mary Daily.

    Isabel La Mal was born on July 16, 1886 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  She died on July 20, 1952 in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Ms. La Mal was a very busy character actress and played over 100 roles in film.

    Rick Vallin was born on September 24, 1919 somewhere in Russia.  "Escort Girl" was one of his early films.  He later did a LOT of work in B-movies and on TV, especially in Westerns.  His career lasted through 1966.  He died on August 31, 1977 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

    Guy Kingsford was born on September 30, 1911 somewhere in the UK.  He died on November 9, 1986 in Encino, California, USA.  He was only in films for six years before "Escort Girl", but he had quite a resume at that point.  He enjoyed a long career of around 100 roles that ended in 1960.  Like most male actors of the time, he fell into doing B-movies, Westerns, and TV.